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Does my lo have big feet?

Not that I am bothered but just wondering, Lexi is 16mths we got her feet measured today and she has went up another size.... she is now a 5F, I think she takes after her daddy (he is size 10)!

What do all your lo's feet measure and how often do they change sizes, as so far she has cost me over ??150.00 in shoes and she has only been wearing them for 5 months, three size increases, wait until daddy here's this, two shoeaholics to provide for lol x.

Anyway pointless post really but as I said was just wondering do we need to take out a shoe royality scheme??? x

Also just to add she is only 20lb and still in 9-12mth clothes she is my wee skinny minnie with big feet!!!!

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  • grrr be ate my reply!! it was a long one too

    basically just saying lucas is total opposite and has only gone up half a size since january and only a 3 1/2!!! he was in a 3 really from when he was 7 months so maybe shes having a spirt then it will slow down again.
  • Zachariah is 19mths and 7g I'm pretty sure he's got big feet but then maybe he'll be tall as my brothers are both over 6ft lol
    ??150 !!!!!!!!! I think I've spent ??47 in 6months, I go to retail outlets and get clarkes at ??16 although was v lucky with last pair as sale on at brantano and got clarks ??10!!!!!!
  • ??150?! OWch. Cole got his first shoes last year in november at 11 months (??20 as I got the cruisers as he was barely walking) - they were a 4 1/2 and he had to have shoes for nursery as he'd grown out of all the pram shoes - 12-18 month ones don't fit!

    Think those lasted him 3 months, then he was just and so into a 5 1/2 g (??30 this time), then when I took him a couple of weeks ago he had shot up into a 6 1/2 but they said an f fitting. Fortunately for my purse clarks only had some naff sandels in so we looked online and ordered some in a 6 1/2 g in the same style as his old ones for half price which I was dead chuffed about.

    I think we've been lucky tbh as managed to time it right to get him just and so going into the next shoe size each time - 2 weeks before I bought his first shoes he'd have been a size smaller.

    ITs not worth me going anywhere else as the nearest outlets are half an hour away so by thet ime i've trekked up there and spent petrol money I'd rather just pay the extra it'll cost me and not have the hassle, but I think certainly next time i'll check online for sale shoes before buying - clarks send them to the local shop so you can get them properly fitted.

    I got my friend togive my just turned 1 year old goddaughters feet measurements for some crochet shoes i'm making her and she said the shoes she was wearing that weekend measured 4 1/2 inches - which is about an inch smaller than cole's feet.

  • Alex is tiny all over including his feet! He is 20 months and his feet are a size 3.5G. He's still in 9 - 12M clothes too! I'm not sure if it's just the Clarks I took him to or the same for all of their shops but they said that they didn't have much choice of walking shoes in that size as lo's usually have bigger feet when they need walking shoes!
  • hi

    i work in clarks fitting kids shoes and yours are perfectly normal!!!

    just to let you know 70% off starts tomorro

    Grace is 13 months and she is 5f


  • my lo is 20m and a size 6G. He has been since March. But before then he went from a 31/2 to a 6 in 4 months, so I know how you feel! He seems to have slowed down for the moment!

    lo 20m and 29+4
  • I think I've spent over that as well!! She's on her 4th set of Clarks shoes and I've already bought some in the next size up so at ??28 a pair on average it soon adds up! I've also bought some new ones from e bay as well as I like to have at least 2 pairs in different colours for her at any one time so ??150 is easy to do!
    Poppy got her first pair in Sept and was 3F - she is now a 5F so still quite average really!!
  • Nice to hear she is actually fairly average by the sounds of things!

    ??150.00 was to easy at 30quid a pop and as Donna & Poppy says we also have to buy a few colours in each style, gotta have shoes to match each outfit now, lol! We did bag a bargin yesterday though at Clarks a pair of lush 5F shoes in bright pink for ??8.00, so was well chuffed.
  • My lo is nearly 19months and is only in his second pair...i got his first pair when he was 12months old he was a 4G and i took him to be measured every few weeks.... the last time i took him he had gone up to a 51/2G so within a few weeks he mus have had a growth spurt lol... his first pair cost ??20 but i got a voucher from my brother as his birthday pressie so i didnt have to pay and his second were ??28 so i havent had to spend that much so far!!!!
  • freya is 16 months and she was 4g last time she was measured. that was a couple of months ago now but she still has loads of growing room left in them so i havent taken her to be remeasured, i will probably take her again next month.
    We are lucky that we live near a clarks outlet so i never pay full price for shoes. she does have a high instep though which means that finding a pair that fir can be really hard, phoebe was the same when she was little but has grown out of it now so im hoping that freya will be the same. xx
  • rhys is 19 months and a 3 1/2g he's only on his 1st pair as he hasn't been walking long and we got them from a clarks outlet so they cost ??12. Going to get him measured soon tho x
  • My little girl is still only in 2's at 12 months old, she always had really small feet, but it aggrivates me that i can't get proper walking shoes for her because they only start at size 3! My son who will be 3 next month is in 81/2 f x x
  • daisy was a 41/2g and is now a 6g and is 17 months. i personally dont worry about the cost of shoes but i do have lots of friends and family who spoil daisy and are buying her clothes all the time so i cant see the point of having all these fabulous clothes with a pair of shoes taht dont match. we have also bought lots of mistakes by buying a cheaper second shoe for a sandal or a second colour that just dont fit propoerly of fall off her foot. now i buy 2 pairs odf clarkes and a sandal for the summer. she also has a beautiful pair of wellies lol taht she has only wore once and a pair of nike trainers . Come on a girls gotta have shoes!!!! lol xx
  • Just got Lucas measured today and seems he is a 4 1/2 g!!! Feel so bad coz he has been wearing a 3 1/2 g!!! Oopps!
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