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my toddler is scared of fly's

hi please can any one help, my 2 1/2 daughter is scared of fly's and flying insects she screams and goes mad if one is by her and you can hear her a mile away when one lands on her any ideas on how to solve this thanks .Nicci :\?


  • hi,
    my son is the same age and has the same problem.
    i think its my fault actually because i had told him not to go near wasps because he will get stung. now he thinks every flying insect is going to sting him whether its a fly bee or wasp. ive tryed explaining to him flys are harmless but he wont have it. im just hoping he will grow out of it soon lol.
    Toni x
  • my daughter is the same she has just turned 3 and every time she sees a fly she gets histerical to say the least!!i even called health visator but she was no good at the moment we are ignoring the 'hissy fits' and praising her when she is in the same room as one and we are making slow progress'also we are playing flys with her pretending tto be a fly and talking about how lovely flys are and that they are looking for some pretty flowers to land on. good luck i know how hard it is!!!!
  • my daughter will be 3 in october and she is exactly the same, the hv offered no advice except for that she will grow out of it, not much comfort when she freaks everytime she sees an insect.
  • I thought my little girl was a bit weird but now I know it's normal! She screams so loud I swear the neighbours must think I'm hurting her! She runs in from the garden crying! Saying 'kill it mummy, kill it!' Shes only 2 1/2! Hopefully she will grow out of it soon as she gets like it if shes sees one in the house 2! x
  • my son is 3 and is the same he saw his cousin get scared of a butterfly and now hates anything that flies im sure he will grow out of it 1 day......
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