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Caved & cut lo's hair....!!!

My son had never had his hair cut until today....He's nearly 2!!

And omg bye bye long blonde hair, hello cheeky little boy!! Im not sure what I think of it but I am glad I bit the bullet as it was getting so hard to manage and he wouldn't let me brush it hardly at all.

He hated it though!! He was crying when waiting in the barbers cos he didn't want it cut, and he wailed all through it - still I was impressed all he did was cry rather than kick and scream!xxx


  • Oh bless him! I still haven't cut my dd's hair - and I don't think I took my little boys to the hairdresser until they were 2 either - but I did trim it myself before then.

    I'm sure he looks lovely!

  • Oh you brave thing you! :lol: Can we see before and after? Isaac is 15 months and haven't cut it yet. Hmmm, wonder if we'll manage to hold out til 2 years! Can't bare the thought of cutting it. image
  • Your braver than I am I dread having to get her haircut. Its not too bad at the moment its quite long, but its wavy so it doesn't matter that it looks a bit messy! i don't think she'd still long enough if I tried to take her x
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