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help please re night feeding!

Hi all ...i would just like some advice please image my dd is coming up for 19 months image and is STILL waking for milk ...well i say still ,she has slept through from about 9 months and usually only wakes when teething ....however over the last 6 weeks or so she has been waking 2-3 times a night and will cry until we give her milk to go back to sleep :roll: ..she has milk after lunch to go to sleep (not in nursery) and then a bottle in her cot at bedtime to drink before she drops off to sleep!!

now i think we have got ourselves into teaching her to associate milk with sleep and now she relies on it so how am i going to stop this habit ??? were both quackered and with my ds waking still cos of the monsters in his room *sigh* :roll: somenights were awake 5 times ....

advice appreciated image


  • Maybe just offer water? If she refuses it then its tough (lol) and im sure she will realise after a few days shes not going to get any milk then hopefully she will stop waking image

    My dd sometimes wakes and asks for juice but we give her water as obviously the sugar in juice etc isnt good for there teeth overnight and she really doesn't know the difference at night which is funny as she wont touch water in the day! Its very rare she wakes though, its usually when shes hot or teething (still got 4 more teeth to come grrr)

    Hope you get some sleeps tonight image xxx
  • Hello

    I personally would start by breaking the assocation during the day. I would give the bottle after her nap instead of before and the bedtime bottle downstairs 1/2 hour before bed. Once this has been established for a good 3 days if she is still waking in the night i would refuse to offer milk.

    Its obviously going to be hard for the first day and the first night, so i wouldnt start unless your going to see it through.

    HTH XX
  • maybe you could put a bit more milk in her bottle before you go to bed so she can get used to settling herself?
  • hi it isn't the milk shes associating with bedtime its the bottle, i am guessing that she doesn't have a dummy?? children with dummies may well wake up in the night but usually find their dummy and pop it back in before anyone even knows they've woke up. if thats the case i would swap her bottle with a juice cup of milk or give her the bottle downstairs then take her upstairs to fall asleep by herself. i got rid of lo's dummy a few months ago, and although i had to put up with crying for about 2 weeks he learnt to settle without it xx
  • N used to be really bad at 'having' to fall asleep with her bottle of milk, so each night I dropped the amount of milk given, then swapped to cup (still dropping the amount each night) until she was eventually having literally less than an inch of milk in her cup and then I stopped it. She settled fine without it after this and we have removed her dummy now too.

    Hope S settle soon x
  • thanks for all your replies ....S does have a dummy and i dont intend on getting rid of that until she is old enough to understand the dummy fairy (next xmas probably) i think we need a week when were not up for work early i will maybe start by giving it her downstairs like someone said then put her to bed so she can get used to not having to fall asleep on the bottle image i will let u know how we get on thanks girls xxx
  • the choice to get rid of my lo's dummy wasn't exactly mine lol, if i had my way he would still have one, when i was in hospital having my daughter, my others went to my sisters and the following morning one of her dogs ate his dummy (this was a ??10 closer to nature, discontinued so i had to pay a silly price off ebay for dummy), it was the only one he'd have.

    my second lo, didn't have a dummy until i took his bottle off him, he was the same as your lo, but once i swapped bottle for cup he quickly took to a dummy. xx
  • :lol: cant believe the dog ate it ....and that a dummy is ??10 gosh isnt it funny the things we pay for just to make sure our lo's are happy :lol:
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