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Shes done it

Finally Freya at 15 months has worked out what a spoon is for :lol: It may just be a one off and I did have to help her load her spoon, but she has done it. Usually the spoon goes on the floor and the fingers go in the dinner LoL. I know it not much and a little on the sad side to be bragging about such a small thing but she has made me so proud. Now maybe she will start to hold her bottle and learn to walk. One step at a time I think. :\)

Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 25+7


  • Yay Freya!! It's great when they can use a spoon!

  • he he thats great, well done to your little miss,
    Its a great milestone, I love thinking back to when my three did all those things...and I miss it...boohoo I want a baby lol!!!!
    Well done though xxxxx
  • Aw well done Freya. Angelo knows what a spoon is for but would much rather sit there leafing through his book whilst I shovel the food in!x
  • Well done Freya. Isaac too knows what a spoon is for but would much rather use his fingers, which is ok except when we are having things like spag bol or mash.
  • Yey!! Well done Freya!! xx
  • Freya is on a roll at the moment. She has cut 2 more teeth in the last 3 days, so she now has 8 in total and she can now say the word 'down'. She is scared of animals and my mum has dogs where she learnt to tell dogs to 'get down'. LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • well done freya!! image xxx
  • Well done Freya! She sounds like shes growing up fast now, bless her x x x
  • She is growing up fast, in someways its quite sad her gaining her indepence but on the other hand I'm so proud of my clever little girl.

    Kerry, Freya and Pinl Bump
    X X X
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