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Egg and fish?

Just wondered if theres any sort of guidelines to do with how many times a wk lo's should have these? Thanks image


  • I think with fish, esp salmon it's something like twice a week? Not sure on eggs though.
  • Thanks, yeah its salmon she loves but i know for adults they advise it nomore than however many times! I will stick with eggs a couple of times aswell then, image
  • I think salmon isn't restricted for adults or children - it's fresh tuna that you shouldn't eat more than a couple of times per week due to the mercury content.
  • i agree with Donna, its not salmon its oily fish like fresh tuna, shark etc but eggs and salmon are fine as often as you like. x
  • Getting my salmon & tuna mixed up!!! LOL!
    It's to do with the mercury isn't it cos they eat other smaller fish?
    Charlotte loves salmon and I give it to her at least twice a week.
  • Eggs are no more than 5 a week. They are full of cholesterol which kids handle better than adults but you still have to be carefull.
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