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She doesn't listen to me

my daughter is 23months today and shes hit the terrible twos stage. she has tantrums, throws her toys around the room, hits us but not hard, screams really loudly, says 'no' to everything, constantly wants wants wants, and wont stop asking for food. She doesn't act like this all the time its probably more in the day when shes bored and at night when she has to go to bed. Literally 3 weeks ago she was a little sweetheart and i was thinking 'this whole motherhood thing is easy' but i was wrong. I do find it quite stressful but maybe thats because theres a chance I could be pg so my hormones are the problem!?
And im not complaining I love cuddles but she wants one all the time.
She's such a good girl when people are round or were out or round someones house so she does make me proud on those occassions but why does she constantly moan at me when noones around?
anyone else going through this, be good to know there is and that I can get advice and support
x x x


  • we have this not the hitting part and again its not all the time and she's a complete angel when she's with other people. she's just testing her boudaries with u cause ur the closest to her!
    It will calm down and if u can try and ignore her, as long as she's in no danger of getting hurt, she'll soon see it wont provoke a reaction from u and will stop.

    Don't know if that helps? if not welcome to the terrible twos please leave ur sanity at the door and put on ur protective clothing!!!
  • That past couple of weeks, my 14month dd has also started this. She shakes her head and repeats 'no, no, no' even when she is playing nicely with her toys!
    She refuses to eat most things and I end up making several different meals, just to tempt her with some food!
    Bed time has become a nightmare, where it can take at least an hour of sitting with her and stroking her head, while she is in the cot, before she eventually gives in and goes to sleep - she fights sleep all the way to the bitter end!
    Last night I got so cross, I shouted at her and told my oh to 'deal with her' as I was at the end of my tether - I felt awful later and gave her a big cuddle to say sorry.
    She also has a new thing of standing behind me while I am doing the washing up, or cooking etc and clinging onto the back of my legs! - very dangerous and really annoying!
    I try picking her up for a short while and telling her that she is a 'good girl' etc, but then she doesn't want to be put down!
    ... Just trying to ride through this phase......... keep smiling!

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  • i know what you mean about them standing behind you. felicity follows me all over the flat and sometimes i dont know shes there and fall over her or knock her over.

    im glad im not the only one who gets cross with their toddler and show it! the other day she wouldnt stop going on and on and i just shouted 'shut up', i literally put my hand over my mouth and thought shit pls dont say it back to me but she didnt and i felt very guilty for shouting at her like that. I never thought i would shout at her in an imature way. i have raised my voice before loads to say no if shes about to touch my hot straightners but thats in an authorative way. x
  • oh girls im soooo glad its not just me thats going through this michael will be 23 months on 2nd jan and hes the same way as all your children its a nightmare and ive shouted at him also then regret it straight after its so hard isnt it oh the joys of the terrible twos. michael wont eat much either at moment and constantly says no and go away and wanting his daddy i feel left out at times as if he dosent want me between my hormonoes and his terrible twos its lovely x
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