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kids and winter dont mix

i am so fed up got an 11 month old and a 4 yr old both ill it suks the younger 1 was in hosp last week with broncilitis and is still ill her breathing is fairly fast and she keeps coughing went back to the hosp and she was fine!!!!!!!!!breathing normally oxegen and heart rate were fine but now when she sleeps her breathing changes aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! and my eldest has got a cough aswell and it kept her up all night im shatterd n e 1 else feeling or felt like theres no end to these bugs


  • aww hun, sorry l/o's aren't well image
    if your still worried about your youngest don't be scared about going back to hospital or phone nhs direct, hope she is well again soon!
    i also have a 4yr old and a 10 month old, boys.
    there is always something wrong with them though isn't there? it's especially hard when they are ill at the same time, mine both have colds at the min but not too bad, although l/o HATES having his nose wiped!
  • my 3 year old seems to be catching everything at the moment it seems every other week she has something new! at the moment her and my 14 week old both have colds and last night we were up 5 times between them!
  • my 13month old has had every cold and bug over the last few months, feels like an neverending battle!
    I hope things get better for you soon and you all have an ill-free xmas!
  • I agree, poor wee Amy was in hospital overnight just over a month ago after catching gastroentritis at her 2nd birthday party. She could keep nothing down & got so dehydrated that she needed to be put on a drip. Then she caught a cold the following week from me & now she her 4 back teeth breaking through & has a cough & a cold as well.

    Its awful seeing her suffering but we're hoping that she'll get over it pretty quickly as her little sister was due yesterday!!!!!!

    Hilary x
  • Yes lo has got a green nose at the moment and no matter how much I wipe it its there again
  • mine has a chest infection, thankfully he isnt "ill" with it so not too bad so far but this time of year is awful for all the bugs and virus going round, hope everyones babes r over it all for xmas. xx
  • my little boy has bloody conjunctivitis x
  • just heard from hosp that it is bacterial now up waiting for nhs as my 4 yr olds temp wont go below 38 aaaaaaa roll on summer
  • awww hope your little ones get better soon faithm
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