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2 year old/potty

have you tried using pull ups or 'nappy pants' as we told are little girl that they were special bedtime pants just like big girls also just putting pants on top helped as it made her feel more grown up we also told her that it was our 'bed time secret' and used to giggle about it and make it fun if not you could always resort to black tape and tape it on lol!


  • hello there. my son turned 2 a month ago. he keeps taking his nappy off when he goes to bed but he refuses to use his potty!
    he wees in his bed but it doesnt bother him!

    anybody got some good advice please?????:\?
  • I don't know but when Josh was two I had a problem the first time I tried the potty. He was fine all day until he did a number two and got scared of it. I left it until he was 2 1/2. One day I had 1 nappy left and couldn't be bothered going to ASDA till later. I treid the potty again and he was fine. No problems at all. Three days later he was out of night nappies too and did not have an accident in the night till about three months later. I don't know what to suggest but I knew my son was ready to go without nappies(at night) as I had dry ones first thing for ages. I left the potty in his room at night in the early days as a reminder and to make it easier for him. Maybe try letting your son run about without pants on for a few days in the house. Or you could leave the potty fora few months. I think the reason I had no problems was that Josh was ready long before we did it.
  • hi, my daughter went through a stage of taking her pants off in bed, just had to keep going up and checking til she finally gave in and kept them on, maybe wait a while longer for potty, it will just seem to happen, i tried to get nicole to use potty then put ordinary pants on let her wet them a few times and she then started asking to go. just persevere he will get there. xxx
  • thanks very much to everybody
  • You could always try putting his nappy on back to front to stop him whipping it off (if hes not ready for training yet). I worked on the geriatrics ward many times and there were senile patients who liked whipping off their incontinence "nappies" to either play with themselves or paint the ward with faeces - we'd put them on back to front and it always took them a while to figure out what was wrong. Worth a try!
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