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hello all mums.just want some ideas on getting my 16month son to lay in past 6am.tried milk,but just wants to get up and go,then tried by 10am and then sleeps for over 2 hours.too young to understand about the nightlight on/off.also are you letting your little one feed themself with spoon,or give me an indication as to age at which they can do this quite well?last query~what age and how did you get them to stop having their bedtime bottle?any help and advice would be great,as don't really know any mums with similar age children!


  • Hi, my lo has been sleeping from 7pm until 9am for quite some time now which is lovely. I think it could be one of two reasons.His room is pitch black as we have shutters and no light comes through in the morning..he just seems to wake up naturally between 8.45 and 9 every day. I also give him a bowl of porridge, usually readybrek before bed. Started this as he wouldn't drink milk alone so wanted to get some extra milk inside him, but porridge apparently has sleep inducing qualities & probably keeps his tummy full for a while so this could help too. So maybe you could try a black out blind and porridge before bed?!
    My lo is also 16 months and not feeding himself with a spoon yet, i usually give him a spoon & he will have a go now and again but it does go everywhere. x
  • Hi I'm not sure how much help I can be!
    Do you have black out curtains/blinds in your los room?Until I got these I found Ben was waking earlier.
    Normally Ben sleeps from 7pm to 8.30/9am,sometimes later,sometimes earlier!!!But oddly just for the last few morning hes woke about 5am moaning,I wait for abit then if still sounding restless I go in and settle him back down and give him his dummy,as usually its because its fallen out and he cant find it,this is enough to settle him back to sleep usually,sometimes i have to go in more than once but i dont speak to him or pick him up and dont make the mistake of getting him up or putting him in bed with you lol!
    Dont think you should give milk,as he may start waking for the milk,or see it as a signal to start the day!!does he use a dummy?I know not everyone agrees with them,my lo only has them at nap and bedtimes and they do help him settle!
    I still give him his bedtime milk in a bottle,not sure myself when to stop,As long as he wants it all ect i dont think you need to be in a rush,again some people recommend stopping using a bottle but again I dont think there is much rush,but i personally hate seeing kids older with bottles so its something i will start sometime,just not yet lol.
    Ben will try to use a spoon/fork but its a messy job so it depends on what he is eating if i let him,as it takes forever and needs to be something he can pick up quite easily,he isnt that bothered just yet so when i see he wants to do it himself i will let him more,probably in another few months but i do give him the spoon and let him eat abit hiself most meals times,just not for the entire meal!Oh and hes 17 months.x

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  • Is your lo still in a cot? Does he shout and cry when he wakes at 6am? My lo is a good sleeper but he does wake at 6am. The difference is that he lays in his cot and just chats to himself for about 20mins then drops back off to sleep. If your lo is in a cot and doesn't create if he's left then I would be tempted to just let him get on with it and you may find he drifts back off for a while.
    As for the feeding himself. At 16 mnths my lo would have his baby fork to stab things (easier than using a spoon) and I would have the spoon. It would then be a case of James gets a fork full but I'd spoon feed him in between so he still got something in his mouth. As for when they do it 'properly' James is 20 mnths and still gets stuff everywhere!
    James still has a bottle of warm full fat milk at night time. He doesn't have a bottle at any other time. He still loves it. He can now hold it on his own so we get comfy on my chair in his room and, as he drinks his milk I have my hands free to read him a short story. While ever he's still wanting it I'm happy for him to continue.
    Hope this helps.
  • i had to ride this 1 out,my lo would do the same so i just got up with him brought him into our bed to lie and have a chat just so i could wake up and we got up by 7 had breakfast etc then back down for a sleep about 10 for a few hours up again then back down again a few hours later so im no help lol

    Lennon can just use a fork and he is nearly 20 months,he can use a spoon but it usually just falls off,i started just giving him the spoons to try and i used 1 myself so he can get used to holding it and see you using it same with the fork

    with the bottle Lennon used a beaker from 12 months and he just gets cows milk,he now wont drink milk before bed time i have tried so hard but he just wastes it,he gets his morning milk with his breakfast and for the rest of the morning all in a beaker i did have to go to 1 with a treat like spout first

    its all about trial and error i have found and hopefully like my lo it will be short lived the are forever changing routines i would say at least every 2-3 months something had to give x x

    hope this helps chick x
  • Kara is usually in bed between 8-9pm as this works best for us. She sleeps until 7.30-8pm then gets breakfast. She goes to sleep again then until 10.30am. This is what suits best for us as a family. Kara is 16 months and hates being fed so she eats everything on her own at the minute with some help from me. She likes usuing her fingers but tries to use the fork or spoon as well. She is messy but it makes her eat better. Kara also doesn't have anymore bottles . She was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 months ago and we were told she had to come off the bottles straight away because too much milk will affect her sugars so sorry can't help you in that area anymore. She does get enough milk in her cereal before bed and in the morning.
  • thankyou all for replying so quickly.i'm going try readybrek at bedtime,and turn his nightlight off when we go to bed-FINGERS CROSSED
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