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Poo Issue!

Hiya, Jake is 2.5 now and want to start potty training soon when the weather is a bit better but his poo is still very loose. Jake's nappies have always been like this. When I saw the doc for jakes asthema in Jan, I mentioned this and he didn't seem concerned and said he should out grow it. I spoke to the health visitor today and mentioned that a friend said it could be a wheat intolerance. I'm thinking of cutting out wheat from Jakes diet. what do you girls think? Do you think he'll outgrow this and give it a bit longer, try the wheat free diet or see the doc again?

Hope you can help.
lol. marie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • One of my nieces is intolerant of wheat, her reaction to wheat is loose pooh! We know if she's eaten it by mistake as the toilet is pebble dashed!!!! Sorry TMI but you know what i mean!!

    The doc would surely suggest that if they thought it was a problem, i would see the doc first and tell them that you want to do this. They maye refer you to a dietician!
  • Hi Marie. It does sound like an inconvenience when it comes to potty training. Is Jake def ready to start because of this? Is he aware that he needs to do a poo, regardless of if he can hold it or not? Waiting will do no harm, unless of course you have a deadline of a nursery starting date or the like.

    Have a read of Gina Ford's potty trianing book, I am not generally a fan but her book is great and gives a checklist of how to tell if your toddler is ready or not. Good luck!
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