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evening girls, jst wanted some advice on nappies!
We've been using pampers with jaosn since the day he was born but he's getting too big for the 5+ active fit n pampers don't go up to a 6, well in nappies neway. Just wondering if you girls have had ths problem? we've just put him in boots own brand 6's for now but dont seem to hold that much wee, no keaks so far or when he does a poo but we have to change him every two hours at least the past couple of days where as with active fit he was quite content going 3-4 hours.
what other nappies go up to a 6? he's only 17months n not ready for potty training yet! Tescos gotup to a size 6, but they're not active fit. has anyone used/uses these n are they any good?
any replies would be a great help image


  • Huggies go up to a size 6 but I've gone off them since they changed them. Have you tried asda's own brand ones? Little angels I think they are. They seem to have a good weight range for the size and seem to be as good as huggies... well better than the new huggies and Cole is doing ok in a 4+ at night rather than the size 5 huggies he'd have at night.

  • we've never used hugges, heard off too many people that they are ca*p! sorry! but i thikn with nappies it depends on lo shape, just like with us n clothes! it used to just be the length on the nappy we had trouble with coz jason's quite tall (nearly 3ft!!) but they not quite wide enough for his bum now!!! lol unless he keeps still n we get it pin point accurate but don't want to run the risk! especially at night!
  • thanks for the replies girls. going to try the asda ones wen i get round to shopping, prob gna be wed going on the week we're gna have! lol
    jason's 26lb 10oz now n the active fit pampers 5+ are 29lbs-60lbs
    now i am confused! according to the box he's not supposed to be in them yet!! let alone growing out of them!!!
  • pampers do size 6 in baby dry...JJ is in size 6 pampers but size 5 huggies and tesco lol! we always buy sainsburys, they go up to 6 too x
  • I use Tesco Superfit nappies and find them very good although I don't know what size they go up to sorry. Kara wears a 5 so I have had no need to look at sizes. She is 2 though and will hopefully be out of nappies soon enough.
  • I'm same as Nat Erins still in size 4's. But we have used tesco's own and Asda and there great but i tend to buy whatevers on offer never stick to same one. The only brand i have a problem with is Sainsburys for some reason they left Erin with a rash it culd have been coincidence but haven't risked it since xx
  • i use huggies which are brilliant on my son, they also do a size six. my little sister is 3.5yrs and v tall for her age and as she is autistic is still in nappies, ( a size 6) and these are fine for her. maybe you should give them a go if you havent already! x
  • I swear by the Tesco superdry, James is 19 months about 24lb, and very tall. but is only in a size 4+ as they're long (high up the back). they do go up to size 5 but can't say I've looked for any bigger sizes. I agree its trial and error depending on the child etc. Good luck hun x
  • one of the (many) reasons i hate pampers is that they don't seem to come up very high around the waist on cole - he's quite long in the body, but huggies and asda's little angels are quite long so suit him well. not sure about going up to a size 6 given your lo's weight - they may be too big - I remember when i bought some size 5 huggies active fit (instead of baby dry) when they were on offer and the weight range was further on than the baby dry and they were just too big and leaked - and he was only below the weight range by about 3 or 4 lb too

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