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Granda passed away today

My Granda passed away today. He was 86 years old but for the past 2 years of so had no quality of life. He used to be a very active mad but a fall knocked his confidence and put him downhill since then. Anyway he was just getting old and frail because of this. He developed pneumonia on Friday and passed away peacefully today while all his family were there at home with him (children and grandchildren). It was really nice and he knew we were all there. It brought back a lot of memories for me as my mum passed away 8 months ago. I feel for my dad as it was his dad that died today. I still had all my grandparents up until today and that meant Kara had all her great grandparents as well and she had all her grandparents until my mum passed away in Auguat last year. Its amazing what a year brings.

At least he is not sick anymore I suppose. I am sad but happy for him at the same time that he doesn't have to go through any more sickness.


  • hi im sorry to hear of your loss. take care
  • So sorry for your loss. You've certainly had a difficult last 12 months haven't you. Hopefully the next 12 will bring you loads of happiness.
    Big hugs
  • Really sorry to hear that Louise. Sending you all big hugs xxx
  • So sorry for your loss. He's at peace now.
    I lost my mum 15 years ago so I can empathise with you, and after her death lost both my grandmothers. I never had a grandad as they both died before I was born.
  • Hi thanks for all your lovely comments. He had a lovely funeral today and we were all there for him just like we were when he died. It has been a long few days with the wake as well and I can't wait to get into my bed tonight which I am sure will be very soon.
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