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Please help with my 2yo's tantrums !!!

Please can any one help with my daughters tantrums?! she screams, hits other people, she will also hit her head off the floor and wall.I tryed going in to another room but she started to throw things and smash things on the floor.She is an only child but is not overly spoilt.Her dad works but i am a stay at home.Please help:\?:\?


  • hi claire welcome to the forum :\) what else have you tried? do you do the naughty step? etc It is a phase that they go through but I think you should still try to reduce them.. are they at a certain time? my son gets very naughty when he's over tired, it's not an excuse but I just try to make sure I put him to bed earlier..
  • hi claire, if she is hitting her haed of floors get a beanbag or somthing soft and if she goes of on 1 put her on it to protect her until its out of her system,( i heard this on 1 of those tame your kids programmes,) and it also gives her somewhere to go were she can calm down on her own apparently. my daughter screams and shouts just seeing how far they can push. good luck.
  • HI Claire your daughter sounds like my son a lot of what they do is to test your reaction and see how far they can push you my lo is the terror of terrors and has little mad half hours where he just goes into one, the good news is they do grow out of it eventually ! try and ignore the bad and focus on the good
    love leighxxx
  • hi claire,

    my little boy went through this stage ive found counting sternly to five before placing them on a naughty chair/step worked, but you have to stay strong and make them stay alternatively sit them on your lap facing away, not talking and jst holding her tight but comfortably so she cant lash out,hit you or hurt herself, she'll gradually calm herself when she sees you're not responding. Try and keep your voice calm but stern when you do talk to her. explain that you will talk to her when she calms down and dont allow her any toys etc til shes completely stopped.

    good luck hope ive been of some help....x
  • Hi claire my 7 year old used to bang her head on my marble fire place so it is pretty impossible to leave them when theyre doing that. In the end i used to take her to her room and shut her in there (the naughty step never worked for her) but then she used to trash her bedroom! I guess some children just have worse tempers than others the key is to ignore it as much as you can. If its any consolation my 7 year old was the hardest of all my children as a baby and toddler but shes so easy now.
  • Hi all just want to say thank you to every one that replyed to my post good to know i am not the only one whos daughter does this.Today i had a break thro i think i put her on my knee facing away and just held her till she calmed down and it worked really well so thank you for that.

    I also want to say when i told my health vistor about my concerns she said"its becaue the kind off parent you are"!!Dont know what she ment but i left there felling like thimagee worse mum in the world so thank you for making me feel better again lol..

    Living in hope
  • take no notice of hv what a cheek ! i think most children go through this phase you just carry on with what you are doing it sounds like its working, bloody hv get on my nerves she probably doesent even have any kids
    love leighxxx
  • Thank you Leigh!!!!!
    Debbie-Lorraine is still not head banging so thank yous all so much xx
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