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never again will i ever judge!!!!

my son has turned into one of those monsters! at the docs today waiting for my mum and OMG! he was throwing all the leaflets all over the floor and laughing like dr evil! he was running around smacking old ladies (oh the shame) and he worked out the disabled button to open the doors (cleverly put at child height..) and ran off around the car park! everytime i dragged him in he threw a fit of temper screamed (yes like a girl but louder) and went floppy when i put him down his legs went from underneath him and he lay on the floor screaming!!!!!! i was sooooo embarrassed!!! i was getting evil looks and tuts of the old people obviously thinking what i used to think "no discipline" i kinda found it funny but didnt dare laugh! im 22 weeks pg and finding it increasingly hard to run around after him!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!! never again will i judge those poor mums with children like mine!!!
worst of all there was another little boy around the same age who just played with the toys very well behaved!!!! LOL!!!!!! he is only 15 months old!
Hayley xxxxx


  • lol Millie has days like that and I just want to hang my head in shame!! How do they always manage to do it when you have an audience of disaproving old people rather than understanding other mums as well? I'm afraid I resort to bribery in these circumstances and give Millie a snack to occupy her. I find something small and fiddly, like rasins or cherios in a small cup keeps her happy for hours!
  • no no no! it doesnt work nothing keeps him occupied he is very hyper!!!!! xxx
  • How about one of those extending dog leads attached to the back of his trousers, then if he gets too out of control you can just rein him back in :lol:

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  • Oh no Hayleys1 - poor you!!!
    No ideas really. I think they say it's best to ignore it but there's some things you just can't ignore and it sounds like he did most of them. Luckily Matthew hasn't had a major major tantrums yet.
    Hopefully it was a very short phase. :\)
  • my daughter is the same cant go anywhere with her baby clinic is the same time as end of surgery so its always full and all she does is run and throw things and screams her head off if i try to stop her im always getting looks off people more if we go for food anywhere and i try to put her in a highchair i just tell them aint they had kids of their own and if they dont like it leave we have the right to be here
  • :lol: the other child was clearly drugged, your child is completely normal and shows spirit! Ha ha we have all judged but we quickly learn that the things we judge on soon come back to haunt us, one thing about life with kids is it is never dull, and take heart for the fact that if any other parents were looking at you, if they were judging you then their time will come.
  • lol i have thought about the extending dog lead i fear it wont stop the tantrum though just restrain him which i was trying to do!
    i think the other child may have been drugged hayley! i asked the mother if she wanted to swap children and she just laughed at me and walked off!! her time will come im sure! and i thought when he was walking it would be easier!!! how will i cope with 2! aarrrhhhggg!
  • Lewis is sooooooooooooooooooooo the same, he wont sit in a trolley and he wont take your hand coz he is such a big independent boy, little shite lol he really tries to wind me up but the thing he is always smiling and lauhing and everyone always says oh look at him cheeky face, and am trying to do shopping or something and he is running about like a lunatic! at the doctors they have that wire toy thing where you push the beads (do you know what i mean) lol well your supposed to stand and play with it, no Lewis picks it upa nd takes it to him lol!

    He got so hyper tonight that he bit me and i shouted owwwwwwww and he laughed like the devil and did it again, so i bit him back and he looked at me and screamed then bit himself, i have never laughed so much coz he looked at me in complete horrer like what the hell have i just done lol

    think it must just be an age thing - when i see other parents in a similar situation i just look at them sympathetically, coz i know in a few seconds Lewis will be doing exactly the same thing - you cant do anything without them copying!

    And they speak about terrible twos, how bad can it get?
  • believe me mskene, it can and does get worse, infact much as I hate to tell you this, these years are in fact actually the easiest! my 12 year old is actually a complete gobby little shite lol everything i say he has an answer for, there are times I wish he was 2 again.
  • I've got a 15 month too and am 36+5 weeks pregnant and know what you mean about not having the energy to run around after lo's. Carrick was throwing our shopping out of the trolley yesterday in front of other shoppers yesterday so embarrassing and i'm sure its just the start of whats to come!
    I'm afraid I don't have any advise either food and milk are the only tricks up my sleave but he only gets them if he's due them.
    He's also obsessed with trying to get onto our road grr!

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