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i can't stop worrying about him.

Sam has a speech assessment on Wednesday which my health visitor made. She said its because he's a quiet wee boy. He's 13 months old and I thought he was just a happy content, quiet little boy. He makes 'baby' noises and a month ago or so he learnt to say "dada" but he has stopped saying it now. I am getting really worried about him, what if there is something wrong with his speech? I have also noticed he stares into space when we are out in the buggy, Its like hes transfixed on something, is this normal for when out in the buggy? Other than that he is perfectly happy and content. I can't help worrying (as we do) and feel it's my fault he isn't talking more - I am getting over pnd and have never really chatted to him alot I suspect this is somehow down to the pnd and Im am feeling so guilty. He also has the mmr jag and 3rd pneumo jag on Wednesday too and I have been crying in bed tonight because I don't want to put him through the initial pain or have him unwell afterwards. He has been through enough...We have had to move to the middle of no where until January and we dont get out much and I feel so sorry for him and incredibly guilty we cant do more. We have no transport and the nearest bus stop is a good hours walk away. I have let him down enough without putting him through the jags but I know he needs them. I feel like this speech thing is all my fault and now with the jags on top of it Im a guilty wreck and I keep getting these pangs of guilt and utter love and I dont know how to make things better for him. He deserves so much better.

Im sorry if none of that made sense, its 2am and Ive been crying for a couple of hours in bed and I just needed to get it off my chest xx


  • its alrit, u need 2 calm down n think of ways u can help him improv his speech. make a plan write down a lot of words he sees everyday when he's out n about in d buggy n point dem out as much as possible n let him hav a go even if he doesn seem lik his makin any sense jus keep on encouragin him. even wit things around the house, his room, his tv programmes. trust me u can, even if d speech therapist says there's a problem. stay positiv n don giv up or carry any guilt cos it wouldn do any good. i know i might sound lik i no it all n don understand wot u'v bin thru or r goin thru, jus stay positiv n pray it'l get beta. am a single mum n hav a 22month old and an eight weeks old, thier dad left me wen i was almost 7months pregnant wit d girl he cheated on me wit n al dat kept me goin was stayin positiv n prayin cos of my kids. neway enough of me now jus let me no how it goes but i'l be here prayin 4 u. goodluck
  • Oh Emilie please don't blame yourself. I practically talk non-stop to my 16 month old and he still only says one or two words (and not always in the right context), some LOs are just slower than others when it comes to talking. I think some HVs are very quick to try to find a problem when there's not one.
    As for the jabs. Listen to the part of your brain that's telling you it's better in the long run. Hopefully Sam wont have any side effects; my LO didn't.
    Take care
    Liz x
  • emilie i agree with liz the hv make you worry more .. the speach thing is not that bad chick they will all talk at different rates my friends wee boy hardly said a thing for the first 2 years but when he did it was well developed sentences he was saying and now at 3 he doesnt shut up lol
    as for jabs well i have already posted about this Abby is 13 mths and i have opted to give her the pcv jag separate from the mmr so she had the pcv last week but i want her to have a wee break so she gets the mmr in the new year why dont you delay the injections till you feel more positive about them
    fea x
  • Thanks for your kind replies lady. Im feeling much better about his jags. As for his speech I have been talking to him loads today (oh was getting annoyed with me repeating myself when he was trying to have a nap lol) I am trying not to worry. I need to get wednesday over and done with. I'll let you now how it goes no doubt lol xx
  • Please do let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed for you for wed
    Liz x
  • Thanks love, I will do :\) x x x
  • he is away getting them both done together :cry: not happy about it but i just want this over with, he has another one in a month, not sure what it is but after that he is done til preschool (i think?) thanks for ur replies ladies. we managed to sleep in this morning so had to make another appointment for the speech assesment, im not worrying about it anymore, i really think my hv is just looking for problems. sam has been trying to say hiya all week so i dont think there is any problem there!! xoxox
  • my son was not saying a word at 13 months, I agree with emmalou, tell them to shove it.
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