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christening outfit - for mummy!

My son is being christened in november and i've no idea what to wear. I have a black satin dress from last xmas which is gorgeous, but oh thinks that it might look weird being all in black? It's the only dress i have that's long enough not to scare the priest!!!
What did the rest of you wear to your lo's christenings?


  • HI
    I just wore a cream skirt and black top. one of the godparents wore a black dress as did my mum. You can always accessorise it with different colours.
  • I went pink and strappy for DS's (very hot summer's day!) and brown and cream for DD's. You can def wear black though, just jazz up with silver n sparkly accessories!
  • I wore a smart top and trousers, was still feelin fat and yucky when my lo was christened so didn't have the confidence to wear a dress. I think you could wear black, as the others said accesorise with bright colours, put a bright cardigan over the top x
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