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help my boy looks like a girl!!!!!

hi everyone,
my little lad is coming up to 18months old and he has gorgeous big brown eyes and long curly brown hair. i would like to keep his hair long only just to his shoulders but everyone comments on what a lovely little girl he is, most of the time i correct them but sometimes i just can't be bothered.
he had it trimmed on saturday and it looks aweful and he still looks like a girl.

so the big question............what should i do?
should i cut it short or keep it long?

please help thanks michelle xxxx


  • i would keep it long image
  • i have same problem with my daughter people always saying isnt he cute im like he is a she hence why she is in pink head to toe and has a pink pushchair!!!! my problem is that at 3 she still hardly has any hair its really curly, and the more it grows the tighter the curl gets!!! keep it long i say!!!
  • yeah you're both right really the more i think about it. why should i change him for other people. i dress him in boys clothes obviously lol and apart from his hair there is nothing girly about him. thanks for that. x
  • hi.
    does your son have any preferance to how he would like his hair? i keep my sons hair short but only because if it gets too long it makes his head look big!
    if your son likes having long hair and you like it long sod what other people think and keep it long image
    Toni x
  • well he's a bit to young to say at the mo but as long as it's not in his eyes he will be ok for now the only problem i have is when he likes to style it himself with his dinner!!!!!
  • see pic. (he's a boy!)
  • he's lovely, he looks really cheeky.
    how old is he?
  • People can be so stupid, I was out with my friend a couple of days ago & she has a little girl, who was as usual wearing pink & sucking a pink dummy, & this woman came up to her & asked her what "he" was called!!

  • my sister is the same her little boy is 2 and has white blonde hair which is curly and down to his shoulders he looks like a boy and dresses like a boy but she still gets people commenting on what a lovely girl he is. I am the opposite all my babies have been bald and my 2 year old girl often gets referred to as a boy despite the dress! Keep it long.
  • hey michelle he's almost 7 months. Guess it doesn't matter how long their hair is as long as you don't put him in a dress! keep it how you like it. my 4 year old had long hair too til he started nursery and asked for it to be spiky so we had it cut!
  • my little boy alex is 2 and people are always mistaking him for a girl. He has long blonde curly hair and looks like a little angel but is a right cheeky little monkey! if you like your lo with long hair then i would keep it long people are always telling me to cut my los hair cos its too girly but i dont give a sh*t he is beautiful and they have got plenty of time to have short hair your little one is gorgeous ignore the comments they are just jealous love leighxxx
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