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Advice please - how can I stop this ?

For the last fortnight or so (and on & off earlier) Charlotte has been waking at anytime from 4.30am -5am, but rarely past 5am. She used to be a 6am-6.15am baby, I mean seriously you could set your watch by her !

Needless to say I am exhausted, but the knock on effect is also that she is wanting to nap at 8am and 12pm, and be in bed at 4pm although I always push her to 6pm. Yesterday in the hope that if I pushed her naps and bedtime all back to their original times she would wake later I spent all day just distracting her and got her PM nap back to 2pm and bedtime to 7pm but yet this morning she woke at 4.50am.

I'm wondering if it could be because for the last few months when she'd wake at 6am I would bring her into our bed so I can get dressed etc without her throwing a tantrum, but now I wonder if she's thinking as soon as she's awake she wants to come to our bed no matter what time it is ?

At 14 months (today ! ) she is so active now and even when in our bed she becomes a mountaineer and wants to scale the headboard of our metal bedstead. This morning I was determined to leave her until 6am but the screaming just became hysterical ! But as soon as i'd go in there to lay her back down she's laughing, smiling, chatting etc.

Please ladies any advice on how I can curb this, have I made a rod for my back by starting the "in my bed in the morning" pattern ?


  • It may be that she's wanting to come into your room with you, but firstly I just want to check is her room dark enough? If its the sunlight waking her up she wont want to go back to sleep as she will realise its morning and think its time to get up.

    You may have to just let her cry it out; she will soon realise that mummy isnt going to come until a certain time, and may even cry herself back to sleep again. Its what I did with my lo and he now sleeps really well - normally until 8 or half past!!!

    Thats when he hasn't been up for hours in the night anyway... we're having issues at the minute ourselves!!!

    GOod luck xx
  • Hi

    Have you tried her on one nap and see if that makes a difference. Could be having too much daytime sleep.

  • We've got the same problem-max is wanting to get up at 4am! 5am is the absolute earliest we'll let him get up so we leave him until them -he'll either go back to sleep or whinge on and off. I think it's because we have swallows nesting on our roof and they are SO noisy first thing. He too is then ready for a nap at 7/8 am and then is tired bang on lunchtime. It's annoying as we had a great routine going, it's also difficult keeping him awake on the way to nursery!

    I don't know what to suggest, were going to give it a week or so and see if he naturally falls back into his old routine. We've manage to keep his bedtime at 7pm even though he'd happily go down at 5! I think if it's the same next week I'll put him down for bed earlier and see if the extra sleep helps him sleep longer (sounds backwards but he does sleep better if he's better rested) xx
  • We've had this problem with j a few times when he sleep time has shifted to really early, I normally try shifting it back by just making bed time 10
    mins later each night, it's really hard when they are dropping and seems mean to keep a lo awake when they want sleep but the idea of doing it in really small amounts each night is that they won't really notice it, good luck hope you get to sleep a little later soon! X
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