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Mealtimes....SO frustrated!!!!

Well I know this is all totally my fault but Kade has always been a fussy eater, not fussy with the variety of foods, but in the way of not wanting to eat himself. If I ever tried to leave him to it he'd just leave it or lob it on the floor! Out of desperation of wanting him to eat properly, I began to feed him by using distraction techniques. I'd sit for ages with various toys etc just to get him to open his mouth until he finished his meal.
Anyway, he goes to a childminder twice a week and after chatting to her this morning she told me she hasn't fed him for AGES!!!! The little bugger does it himself every time and usually eats it all up!!
I was shocked to say the least. Anyway I have decided enough is enough and I'm not doing it anymore so tonight I gave him his tea and left him to it. As expected he left the whole meal and tried to tip it on the floor so I took it from him and told him there was nothing else. He's had his milk at bedtime but I can't help feeling really shit!!!! I actually cried my head off tonight because he didn't eat!!! lol Am thinking the pmt isn't helping but still why does him not eating effect me so much????

Sorry ladies, just feeling a bit down today :\?


  • Hi hun dont feel guilty, but i am the same i get really stressed when Leo wont eat his tea, like last night the little monkey had about 2 mouthfuls and then threw it on the floor so i took it away and said no more so all he had eaten was a clemantine a banana and a yoghurt then some milk and i felt terrible, but hubby said if he was hungry he woul eat so to just leave him. He eats ok during the day and usually eats his tea most of the time, but just the odd time he doesnt i feel bad. He wont let me feed him either.
    Like hmvdb said he thinks you will do it so dont give in and he will eventually learn to do it himself, they just like to test us me thinks lol
    vikki xx
  • don't be too hard on yourself, i've got a fussy eater (just won't eat most things!) and I've had to get tough on him too and I think i'm being really mean sometimes but then if I give in and let him have the crap he wants he'll know he's got his own way

    sorry but sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind
  • Hi there, I was in a similar position this morninh. I am not well today, and so I am at home. We have a nanny who looks after my lo (18 months) whilst I am at work, and so she came this morninga s normal. My lo sat in his high chair eating his weetabix by himself with a spoon, and not making a mess and didn't drop it on the floor! Whereas on my non-working days and at the weekends, he will only eat finger food and just messes around with anything involving a spoon, and none of it has EVER made its way into his mouth. But obviously, he can do it! Little monkey. I will try again ...
  • As everyone else said - don't feel bad!!
    If Carrie starts throwing her food on the floor I clear it all away and don't give her anything else.
    Because I feel guilty I make sure tht the next food is a bit more substantial than it would have been had she eaten properly before - so if she doesnt eat lunch I'll give her a big "snack" in the afternoon.
  • Thanks for the replies girls, I know it was a pretty pointless post but I was just having a down day yesterday, you know the ones where every little thing seems to get on top of you?
    Anyhow am sticking to my guns and have been a bit more successful so far today. I've given him foods I know he really likes and are easy to eat and he's done it all himself with no moans image
    I was also planning to hold off on snacks to make sure he gets hungry enough but not sure if that's the right thing to do. We'll get there eventually I'm sure image
    God I wish these toddlers came with a manual I tell you! lol.
  • Hi, I actually have the opposite problem to you, lo refuses to be fed at all! Little miss indepedant has to do everything herself lol, not that much of it goes in her mouth!

    Regarding snacks, a week or so ago I stopped buying biscuits, and stopped giving them any snacks between meals, and I have noticed an improvement at mealtimes. Before, lo would just reject dinner and point to the cupboard the biscuits were in - but now I just say 'all gone!!!'.

  • Glad you're feeling brighter today chicken!! Kade is just an adorable little monkey who is playing you up!! Try not to rise to him, he'll eat when he's hungry!
    How is the gorgeous one by the way? Can't believe our 'babies' are nearly 2!!
  • Thanks Mims, I gave him a bit of fresh fruit (but not much) as a snack and he ate a reasonable amount at tea so I'm happy image

    Hey Donna, Kade is doing really well thanks. I know, can't quite believe they are nearly 2!!!!! Where has that time gone??
    From what I have read on here, Poppy is doing fantastic. She looks gorge on the FB pics btw.
    They are just hilarious at this age aren't they? Kade has us in giggles constantly (apart from meal times lol)
    He is growing so quickly, in fact he is so tall for his age people think he is a lot older than he is. No doubt he'll be a big un like his dad (6ft 4).

    What you doin for Poppys birthday? Are you having a party or not? We are totally undecided. I feel a bit mean saying we won't bother but on the other hand I guess he won't remember anything anyway so not sure it'd be a bit of a waste??

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