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Bunk beds

Does anyone have bunk beds?

How old were your children when they went in them?

I have an 18 month old who will be ready for a bed soon and a 3.5 year old. They share a bedroom so to save space was thinking of getting bunk beds


  • I don't have bunk beds, but maybe get bunk beds that can be single bed as well case you get a bigger house and they don't have to share a room, good idea though xx
  • Well hun, I am happy to be corrected by someone who knows more than me, but I have read that 5yrs is the youngest to consider the top bunk.

    How about about a toddler bed where the cot is now for the next year or so?


  • personally i think it would be fine we were in bunk beds when we were little and if you were extra cautious you could always get a bed guard for both the top and the bottom even though top bunks normally have a decent sized rail i reckon for space and money its a great idea and the kids will love it!! if your 3.5 year ols is already used to a bed then they will be fine! x
  • Not quite the same I know but we have a caravan and DS loves sleeping on the top bunk when we're away in it! He was just under 4yrs old when we got it and we've never had any probs. Like spuddy says maybe get an extra bed guard just in case.
  • hi, we have them, ready for dd2 when she goes in a bed- shes 20mths atm, but we have had it since dd1 was 3 and half and shes aleways slept at the top and loves it! we got one with quite a high rail so there is no way she can roll of it, the guidelines say 6yrs for top bunk but i think it depends on the child more than the age. this is the 1 we have;39345.aspx
  • i am getting bunk beds that cant be seprate too as i am dia but also have a son that will be 3 in august so i plan to have 1 bed out untill this baby is ready for a bed which am think 4.5years at the earliest have him on the top then new baby at the bottom with a bed guard instead of going into the cotbed bit

    defo a good idea my friends lo is 4 in sept and have a cabin bed thing and has been fine there is a guard type thing all alone the top so i would say go for it
  • Thanks everyone for your responses

    Butterfly I really like that bunkbed is it quite high off the ground or not too bad.

    Millie is in a full size single bed which is quite high off the ground then we have a first bed that we could use for Owen for a bit until he got a bit bigger

  • hey hun, well im 5ft 6 and if im stood nxt to it the top bar comes jus above my shoulders so i can c into the bed quite easy plus i can still read stories to her at a comfortable height, they r nice beds, very sturdy, also the beds come apart if u ever wanted 2 singles. xxx
  • I think your 3.5 year old would be fine if it had high-ish rail but my worry would be the 18 month old climbing up! My lo is 2 and he's an only child but if he even saw bunk beds he would be on the top bunk before you could say 'ladder'!!! LOL
  • Thank you they sound really good

    Owen is very adventurous so that would be my worry too. He is not a great climber yet so maybe that would keep him away. He does like cuddles with Millie in the morning so he might end up trying to climb up there when he got up!

  • There are nice looking children's wooden bunk beds at These are affordable, manufactured in the uk, and are built with the stricktest current safety standards. childrens beds

  • I bought cheap bunk bed for children like this,2,2.html on ... my two sons love it, Interbeds got really cheap bunk beds! image

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