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naughty behavior


was wondering if anyone had some advice for me.....

my daughter is 3 next month and is going through a really naughty phase.

she has started to be distructive and breaking things on purpose, she hits and kicks and spits at u,
when u tell her not to do something, for example not to jump and run around the playmat when the baby on it, she does it straight away and looks at you when she does it to see if youre watching her.

im at my wits end and so is my hubby. weve tried the naughty stool and step, being put in her room for 5 mins with door shut etc for punishment but she does get rewarded when shes good (not very often these days). my stepdad doesnt help with things because when she naughty he rewards her anyway by buying her sweets or something and when shes been told off and she having a whinge then he cuddles her and tells her that im a big bad mummy.

any ideas would b great, pls

Rachael xx


  • sounds like baby jelousy and just wanting attention. attention for being bad is better than no attention at all at that age isnt it?! Sounds like she is getting loads of negative attention at the minute and she is clicking on to this and increasing her bad behaviour.
    your stepdad really isnt helping and is just confusing her and cancelling out any attempts you are making to make her understand her behaviour isnt acceptable - try havng a word with him and rope him in to help rather than undermine.

    i know it isnt easy when you have a new baby but she needs some one on one attention from you and your oh. Try taking turns taking her out without the baby to do something fun and special, just her and mummy or daddy.
    She needs lots of reassurance that she still matters to you both and that you still love her the same even with the baby around. all the best. xx
  • thanx megamum, the problem is she has bin like this for months now and baby only 3 wks old.
    we do try as much as possible with her, we do take it in turns to spend time playing with her or taking her to the park or shopping etc, but when baby asleep we both give her attention. she is rewarded for good behavior with a magazine or stickers etc.
    she is so well behaved for everyone else even when baby is there, which i dont understand.
    ive tried with my stepdad its pointless it goes in one ear out the other, he thinks he knows best no matter wot i say or do.
  • i was looking for help on my toddler tantrums & found a good site, there might be some useful info on there - worth a try, good luckxx
  • oooh thanx CathyG, ill have a look at that xx
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