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Does anyone's son have a doll?



  • My son loves his baby. It was mine when I was small and she had a very dodgy pink tracksuit on so I put Kenny's premature clothes on it and made it a dude. He dances with the baby, sleeps with it and iv to read it books at bed time. He also loves hoovering and is a dab hand at the housework, long may that continue. image
  • I dont have a problem with boys playing with dolls as my 2 play with dd dolls and pushchairs but i wouldn't go out and buy them one.
    Glad he liked it though.
    vikki xx
  • My son, now 4, got the ELC baby boy doll before no 2 was born 2 years ago. He loves it and still play with it now. Last year when he was 3 and no 3 was on his way he used some of his birthday money to buy his baby a pram, it was his own choice and me and OH were both fine with it.

    The funniest thing though was when he took "baby Max" to the barbers when he went to get his hair cut. I'm BF no 3 so he's seen me do it many times. He just lifted his top up and put the doll to his nipple to feed him!! It was absolutely hilarious and the barber had to stop cutting OH's hair for laughing! Like the barber said though, he was only copying what he'd seen, I feed my baby that way so he fed his the same!
  • my son has a doll and buggy, he loves he doll and we go out for walks with our babes, i have a three month old as well, my son is two i don't see it as a problem
  • Thats so funny Kelly, glad he is looking after his baby well.
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