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Amys got hand, foot and mouth infection :( advice!

Got a call from nursery today saying she has developed small spots over her foot and i should get her to the doctors and he said it was hand foot and mouthimage

she seems ok and no fever so im hoping its a very mild case has anyone else had to deal with it???

Laura xx


  • Yes my son had it. Its a horrible thing. He was between 1 and 2 when he got it and the spots were horrid, they die down to scab type things. I think if i remember he just had calpol and ibruprofen for the discomfort and im sure he had an antihistamine as well.

    I rang up my docs/health visitor and they told me what it was, id never heard of it. I would ask them for advice.

    She will have to stay off nursery but again maybe ask docs how long for

    gemm x
  • Jack had this also from nursery. He was fine in himself just blisters on hands feet and a few in mouth which made eating uncomfortable. Doc told us calpol and no nursery till all gone. I think it lasts about 5-7 days xx
  • Jess had it a few months ago, blister type spots on palms and in her mouth - made it uncomfortable for her to eat for a few days but some baby nurofen and anti histamines did the trick and after a week she was spot free. Don't worry its very common.
  • thanks ladies
    She seems fine in herself no temp, not grizzly and the tiny little (one) blister she had has gone!!
    Hopefully we got away with a really mild case

    I have had relatives from Canada calling thinking she had foot and mouth (the animal thing) you'd think they would give it another name!!

    Thanks again!
  • its confusing isn't it! my little boy had this recently- we thought it was chicken pox but it turns out it was this! he was only poorly for a day and then he got the spots that cleared in a week.

    hubby got it too which is unusual for adults to catch and he did make a fuss- but thats men!

    Anna x
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