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Not baby related, but please help!!

Several months ago I received a letter from debt company 'moorcroft' for a debt to t-mobile in my name, regarding a different address where the debt occurred. I rang, explained I never lived there and they left me alone. A month ago Moorcroft sent another letter to my name again regarding the same address miles away from me in Wellingborough on behalf of anglian water ??512!!!!!!!! I rang moorcroft... said it wasnt me.. "send proof" they said!! Bloody hell jesus mary joseph!!!!! Isn't it there job to find the RIGHT person in the first place!! In the end after rows and tears I emailed anglian water the 'proof' direct and got a grovelling apologetic sorry email back, Now, when I think its all over and I come back from hols to find a letter from southern electric a bill for the same address I never lived at for ??464.... Seriously, what do I do???? I dont think I should have to keep sending personal bills and documents to random companies to prove my innocence!!! More importantly.. is this mistaken identity ruining my credit rating score??? HELP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I'd be more worried that you may be the victim of identity theft. I would ring your local police station and explain what has happened and see what their opinion is. If they aren't worried I'd go to Citizens Advice and see if they can help. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  • hiya hon, contact your bank and any credit card companies (if you have them) and explain your situation and that you think you are a victim of identity theft.

    Then go to CAB and take any advice they give you. It may well be that it is up to you to prove it isn't you I'm afraid hon - it is known that this sort of fraud it a nightmare for the victim!

    Hope you are ok xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Defo sounds like identity theft hun.

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