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two year old and twins _ HELP!

hello i have a 2 year old and 9 week old twins.
my angelic two year old has turned into a ruffian with regarsd to my twins...
will not stop poking / prodding / kissing
any one been in this situation - what shall i do ?

am getting exasperated now!

at the mo ahe is going half a day to mom's to keep out of the way and let off steam...
but i want to look after all 3 of my babies together! every day - and i am starting to feel we will not get there....



  • Look on the brightside, at least with twins each baby only gets poked half as much :lol: My two year old is exactly the same, she spends all day kissing, poking and trying to cuddle my 8 weeks old. I find it works best to just let her as much as I can, I keep telling her that she needs to be gentle and mostly she is, I suppose I should be pleased that she likes him so much. The biggest problem I have is that if he is asleep and she wants to play with him she stands next to him shouting babybabybaby untill he is awake :roll:
  • ooooooooo i'm so jealous of you - how nice to have just one with a 2 year old! i always wanted 3 kids...but not two babies at a time!
    at the mo its hard to leave the room - in case she injures one twin...if i had just one baby i could take it with me from room to room...
    oh well - she is off with her auntie now to play and have some lovely one on one attention
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