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What would you do?

Hi all

Tobes came home from nursery today with biro all over his back. I don't want to make a massive issue out of it, but I do want to say something to nursery because I don't think its acceptable for babies / toddlers of Toby's age to play with biro's. Sorry, IMO, they are dangerous at that age as they can be quite pointy!

Would you say something to nursery? How would you word it?

Hubby is livid. I am too - but want to handle it in the best way.

... because after all, I am not stupid, I know babbas get hold of things they're not supposed too all the time and you can't control every little thing.

I just feel - nursery and biros - come on nursery!!! Nooooo!

Joo xxx


  • Personally I would mention it to the Nursery tomorrow and don't make a big deal out of it. Say that you were worried because of the point etc. See what their reaction and excuse is and go from there. I think I would be livid as well. I don't have any experience of this personally as my husband looks after our daughter during the day. She will be going to playgroup in September so I will be watching eveyrthing then carefully.
  • I agree Louise - ask and see how they respond. To be perfectly honest, Peter gets hold of Biros quite a lot now that he can reach the top of my husband's desk. I would rather he grab these than our fountain pens or the computers, so I tend not to make much of a fuss and just keep a very close eye on him (as you say, they are pointy) but that is me on my own with him, not a nursery nurse with multiple children to supervise. I can completely understand why you are upset.

    I'd approach it as non-confrontationally as possible and see how they respond. Good luck - and I hope you get a reasonable response!
  • I would also mention it casually to nursery. Could be as simple as a member of staff (or even a visitor) put a pen down and forgot to pick it up, forgetting how far toddlers can reach!

    I wouldnt be happy either but it is probably an honest, human -error type mistake, I have caught Gabe with my pens before. I would definitely mention it though!


  • I'd be really cross about that! I do let lo 'draw' with biros but I've always got one eye on him however I would never let him scribble on someones back! I'm guessing that's what's happened to your baby-that would surely have hurt him abit, maybe I'm a little over protective but I'd be peed off about it. I would definately say something, I wouldn't make a huge fuss but I'd want an explanation x
  • Thanks all.

    Spoke to the day nursery Manager this morning and they have no explanation for it at all. They said the pens in the room are all too high up for them to reach so there is no way they could have got hold of one.

    So I wracked (sp?) my brains and come to the same conclusion - it must have happened at nursery. If if had happened Sunday (when we were with my older niece and nephew) we would have noticed when we bathed him on Sunday night. It was very visible and was the first thing we saw when we stripped him off last night - so I am fairly positive it didn't happen on Sunday or we would have seen it during Sunday nights bath-time.

    Hubby is ringing the school headmistress to see if she will investigate it anymore. When the Manager leaves at 3pm, there are odd members of staff helping out so they need to ask those who were there yesterday pm.

    Joo xxx
  • oh my id be livid also,understandable a little if on the hands but all on his back eeerrr nope wouldnt be happy at all

    i would def have a word about it,least youve had time to calm down and will probably come across like that also x
  • When I first read your post I thought you meant on the back of his t-shirt - I didn't realise you meant on his bare skin - either is inexcusable, but the fact that it's on his skin is worse!

    I don't think your nursery has acted properly at all - if you are positive it didn't happen on Sunday, I would take it further. After all, if a child got hold of a biro, lifted Toby's shirt and drew all over him, and nobody noticed then they are not being properly supervised. I'm like you, I don't really like to make a big fuss about things - but that is pretty bad!

    Is he otherwise happy there?

  • I wouldnt be happy with that one little bit and their response is imo a lazy response ! Besides the fact that another lo drawing on Tobes back probably hurt, i know when ive used biro to write on my hand it can hurt a little so on his bare back with a child who wont know how hard their pressing down is a no no in my book !

    My hubby gets annoyed when we pick charlie up from nursery and she has a shed load of dried up snot on her face, I dread to think how he'd react if she had biro on her back !!!
  • Tottie - he is really happy there, I'm certain of it.

    Hubby has since called the Headmistress who promised to look into it further but again she said she has no idea how it could have happened at nursery. We are meeting them on Monday next week anyway, to talk about my job loss and trying to sort Toby out so me not earning means his "life" is disrupted as little as possible... so we will discuss it then no doubt.

    Hubby and I both are just disappointed that if it DID happen at nursery, then the babies were obviously not being watched as carefully as we assumed. I mean, I'm not expert, I don't know how nurseries deal with trying to watch 6 odd babies all day - but its just unsettled us really and I wish they had dealt with it a bit better rather than trying to fob it off type thing.

    Will keep you posted - thanks for the comments ladies!

  • just cause the pens are high up doesent mean one could't of rolled off. i'm sure the nursery know exactley what happened but can't really say as that would be admiting the babies were't being watched well enought.
  • Sounds like you're doing the right thing.

    Like tottie though I assumed it was on his t shirt. How odd for another child to lift up his t shirt and scribble on his bare back and for no one at the nursery to notice !!

    Let us know how you get on. S x ps how did the interview go ?
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