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One foot turning outwards?

Hi ladies

Daisy-Mae is 15 months now and still not walking. She crawled very early (just 6 months) and has continued to do so since then! She started cruising quite a while ago (before 12 months) and can walk quite a distance when holding hands etc.

Today, I was with a friend and Daisy was walking with one of us on each side. We were on roughish ground (school field) but noticed that Daisy's right foot turns out quite a lot when she walks. I'm not sure whether this has any bearing to her balance issues or not, but wondered if anyone has any ideas? I'm trying to keep away from Google as I'm very good at worrying! I seem to spend my life in the doctors for Daisy and her various ailments - chest infections, reflux, asthma - you get the picture! - so I don't particularly want to go again for something else if it's nothing... Feel like they've got a big label of 'fussy mother' for me already with the time we spend there...

Come on ladies - give me your brilliant advice! HVs are too rubbish for words and haven't seen Daisy in months..

C xx


  • Hi MrsButtons

    My LO is 17 months and still not walking. He too has been cruising for what seems like months now and has a turned out right foot. I took him to the doctors about it about 3-4 months ago and she said it would probably turn in as he gained confidence and balance. It is still a bit turned out but I am hoping this will keep turning in as he gets more and more confident. If you are worried about it though I would go see your doc. I think all new mums feel like their doctor probably thinks they are 'fussy' but if something doesn't feel right then why not use your doctor? That is why they are there isn't it? Hopefully though it will be nothing and Daisy will walk soon.
  • All these not-quite-walking March babies! Peter is back to cruising since he was unwell last week, although he is showing definite signs of wanting to walk more than two steps before collapsing, so I live in hope. And yes, his foot turns out at well. I was told that they do until they have got their balance properly. The only time to worry, apparently, is if they were breech at birth as this can effect their hips. A friend of mine's son has an overly flexible hip for this reason and they saw a doctor about his foot turning out but they think it will sort itself out in time. It might be worth checking - and don't worry about being a fussy mother. I feel as if I have been in the doctor's office at least once a month since he was born. Much better to have your mind put at rest than to stress yourself out over it. I am sure your GP doesn't mind.
  • Hi my son is 2.5 and his foot turns inwards, we got a referral to physio around 18mths and the physio said that in children up to the age of 3 it's quite common for thi gs to be not quite right, flat footed, inturn etc and if still a problem at 3 to come back- she felt because the issues weren't creating problems with balance walking etc she didn't need to see us in the meantime. I completely get what you're saying about feeling labelled but if there's obviously an issue there would be no harm
    Ion getting it checked out as with most things, the sooner they're spotted- the quicker it's rectified
  • Thanks girls..

    Think I'll see how it goes this week and maybe have a chat with the useless HVs when I've broken up from school!

    Will let you know how it goes...

    C x
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