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involving 2 yr old in wedding plans

hi im getting married in november and our lo will have just turned 2. id really like him to be fully involved in the day and im just not sure how best to go about this? any ideas please? how did ur big day go with ur lo? i have visions of him throwing a paddy as i walk down the aisle lol .....:lol:


  • Congratulations, sorry have no advice, married before lo and he's only 14 months LOL but I would have thought it's similar to having a sibling. Give him lots of attention, important jobs and a huge present? MAybe talking about what will happen on the day would be good and assigning a friend/relative on 'bigging up the toddler' duty.... Hope someone has more knowing advice but hope it helps all the same.
  • Again I have no experince with this but I had a friend who's LO 'gave her away'. He walked down the aisle holding hands between her Dad and her. At the top of the aisle her Mum took over and got him to sit with her on a pew. I think the key is flexability. If he wakes up in an uncooperative mood then ask somone to look after him on a pew with some books etc to keep him busy but if he seems interested then why not let him stand with you and your fiance and really be a part of it? Why don't you ask your 'minister' for any suggestions? I'm sure it won't be the first time it's happened for him. Have a great day whatever happens.
  • hi there i just married in oct. and our wee girl was 2 1/2, and qutie excited about being a princess for the day... i had my brother take her to the registrars as the car seat wouldn't go in the wedding car. he waited for us to arrive then she stayed with all the girls me, mum and bridesmaid. my thoughts throughout all the planning was i don't mind what she does as long as she's quiet! so there was no pressure that she would walk in with me or bridesmaids. however it all worked out great she took the lead and decided we all had to follow her into the room! throughout the ceremony she held my hand, or just stood between us looking up v. cute indeed image the only thing i had forgotten was a snack!!! but my friend had breadsticks lifesaver haha... i hope all goes well and you have a wonderful day what ever happens try and relax at the end of the day if they feel there is pressure they won't peform...
  • I'm getting married in august and Lily will be 19 months then, she's gonna be our flower girl along with her cousin who will be just 1. Maybe I'm mad!x
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