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oh me what are our toddlers like, i was just reading the mortified topic and i just thought of the time when -

My other half was going away offshore for a month and he had to stay in a hotel over night as his check in was very early so me and 18 month lo at the time went with him for the night so we could have supper and just keep him company till he left, well as you do when your oh is going away for so long we just decide that we would have a little extra loving lol, we locked the hotel room door and lewis was quite happy munching a packet of quavers and watching tv so we got under the covers and so on lol - then we heard the door opening, and Lewis was off, the door was locked but the bloody thing opens from the inside doesn't it, so to say that was a major embarrasing moment for us, trying to get sorted out and running after him, thank god men can run about in boxers as his dad was off after him, and cant toddlers run at a fair speed when they know there being chased lol

so dont have that extra loving in a hotel room lol, well at least not with your lol there lol image


  • it was the 1st time I had taken J out in his pants and he told me he needed a wee when we were in Macy Ds so I took him to the loo. The other 2 were in a double pushchair so I had to leave thedoor open to the loo to keep an eye on them. There was a lady waiting to use the toilet and J, all proud of himself said

    " lady, Iv got a willy!!"

    she smiled and said "so you have dear"

    If that wasnt embaressing enough J piped up

    " but lady, Ive just got a little willy, but my daddy has got a biiiiiiiiig willy" and he demonstrated this 5 ft long willy with his hands!!!!!

    OMG I was so embarressed!!! I wanted the ground to swallow me up!!!!
  • LOL Sorry ladies but this is so funny! XXX
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