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Buggy with built in toddler stand? Help please

Hi everyone
I need a buggy thats comfy enough for my 5 month old... that has a stand built on at the back for my toddler to stand on... He is 3, and can walk a lot.. but when he starts nursery in september, he is going to have to do double the amount of walking than usual.
So I need a buggy that has a bar/stand. I have tried buggy boards that you attach, and i find these useless. I have seen people with a style of buggy that has the stand i need... but not sure wot make it is... maybe mamas n papas.
Has anyone got one, or can help tell me a brand or site where I can find one.
Hope someone can help
Caz xx

im posting this in another forum too.. so sorry if repeat myself girls. x


  • I'm pretty sure that it is one of the Mama's and Papa's ones but I don't know which one I'm afraid. Might be the Pliko but I'm just guessing!!
  • Just had a quick check on the mamas and papas website (it would have annoyed me for days if I hadn't lol) and it is the Pliko, hope that helps
  • hi, yes it is the mamas and papas pilko but when i was looking (got a phil and teds 2nd hand in end) i liked the pilko pramette but the toddler stand isn't actually suitable for use whilst in the pramette mode but is fine once used as a pushchair. i think they do the pilko as a regular pushchair though.
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