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Withdrawing Colief (also in Baby)

Ok, so noone is talking to me in Baby, so I thought I'd pop over here. image I'm not sure how to go about reducing my son's Colief, so would like some help please.
James is 14 weeks, so in 2 weeks will be 16 weeks, which is kind of the equivalent of 4 months. But he's not actually 4 calendar months old until the 15th May, 3 weeks away.
I wanted to wait until 4 months to stop the Colief, in the hopes I wouldn't be stopping it too early. I have just opened a new bottle, that lasts for 3 weeks only. So I'll end up starting to reduce it before he reaches 4 months anyway, unless I get yet another bottle!
So 1) When should I start to reduce the Colief?
2) Over how long a period should I do each part of the reduction ie. half the drops in each feed, then alternate feeds it's in?
Thank you! xx
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