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FAO Waiting4baby

I was just read????ng your post about the l????ttle g????rl call????ng her Mum by her name and saw that you had sa????d that your LO calls her Dad Baba - Is he Turk????sh/Foreign?? If hes not then I w????ll sound crazy, My OH ????s Turk????sh and Baba ????s the word for Dad.


  • LOL you may sound crazy but not to me as my oh is foreign image he's Egyptian and the Arabic word they use is baba..... Are you British? Do you speak Turkish? I don't speak Arabic really and have found since having lo it's more infuriaating than ever before not understanding ils image
  • Yes Im Br????t????sh - We l????ve ????n Turkey. Im lucky (I guess!) that my ILs are far away and not so ????nvolved! Where do you l????ve?
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