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toddler with astma?

any tips on how i can get her to use her inhaler and airochamber?


  • Hi my daughter is almost 14 months and has had an awful cough for about 4 weeks. My doc gave us an inhaler with one of those chambers and i find it a nightmare to use! I have worked out it is easier to let her play with the chamber for a couple of mins first and she puts it against her nose and mouth, so she nos what its for!Then i quickly attach the inhaler and give her it back, hold the chamber firmly against her face and 'squirt'! She does wriggle and it must be awful to have something pressed against your nose and mouth but gradually she is getting used to it. Keep trying it does get easier take care xx
  • I'm with yummy mumy 21 on this altho mine dont have asthma - I do tho and my son thinks is really funny to see me using my pump. Maybe let her play with it a short while as suggested and try and make it fun!
  • cheers thanks for the replys thats kind of what i have been letting her do as if you suck/blow to hard on the chamber it whistles so we try and tell her to make it whistle
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