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Hi Temp - advice please

I know its been hot recently, but would that cause my 2yr old to have a temp of 39 degrees?

His temp is high following sleep, bath etc, but he has not lost his appitite completely.

Last night, he woke up screaming, no temp this time, but the amount of sweat on his bed sheet from his head looked like i had tipped a glass of water on to the sheet, there was loads.

I don't really know what to do, should i be worried and take him to the doctors, what does everyone think?


  • Toby is 13-months and I'd be concerned if his temp was 39 - but wouldn't panic depending on other things. i.e. if he's totally fine in himself and still happy playing etc. I'd just give him calpol and see how he's doing. If the calpol had little or no effect, I would probably try and speak to a Dr to get him checked out.
    Does he have a cough / cold or anything?
    Any signs it could be teething? They can get temps with teething but not normally that high.
    What are his nappies like?
    Is he grumpy and whingy?
    If it was me, I'd just give him calpol and monitor him closely - but if his temp doesn't go down, I would ask the Dr to see him.
  • Thanks for your response, his nappies are fine, wee is fine, but not as regular as usual on the poo.

    No obvious sign of teething, he appears to have all his teeth, i cannot spot any gaps.

    He is cuddly slightly more than usual, but thats probably due to not being 100%, he is talking as usual, playing a little, but happy to sit and read books, watch TV than playing with toys or running around.

    When the temp is high, he just wants to lay down, last night once he had had a cuddle, he asked to go back in the cot!

    Nursery noticed he had temp yesterday afternoon after the lunchtime nap, gave Calpol then he ate, but an hour later his temp was high, but lower than the 39. When i collected him, he was happily playing in the garden with the other children, but 1/2 hour later at home, temp back up to 39.

    He had what i thought was his first night terror on Sat, extream screaming and pointing at teddies in his cot, but following a cuddle, he went straight back to bed till morning - maybe this was not a night terror and the start of him becoming unwell?
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