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2 year olds a kittens..

hey ladies..

im looking for general advice on kittens and my 2 year old. we have been thinking of geting one for a while. lo loves animals and is great with them (ie not too in their face actually quite respectful and loves our neighbours cats etc) anyway the chance has come up to have one in the next week and we are seriously contemplating it image however we dont want to jump into it head first! lol we have both had cats before but our parent had the full responsibility for them and we were older than our lo now when we got them. i know (or hope) eventually lo and kitten (whenever we get one if its not now) will be best of friends and have learnt to live with each other. but what about the day you bring it home?? and the weeks and months after?? any general advice would be gratefully received

so absolutely anything you can think of would be great advice/do's/donts/ best buys etc anything at all

thank you image


  • My family adopted a 6-month old cat from a Cat Rescue Centre when I was also about 6-months. As we were both growing up we really were close & she would tolerate everything I did but not my older sisters. It was almost as if she thought 'well, it's OK as we grew up together!.

    I would just suggest that you involve your LO as much as possible in the whole process. It's going to be a bit like having a new baby in the house from their perspective so I guess it would be a similar process!? Also, maybe have an area where the kitten could 'escape to' if it wants some time away from LO especially in the early days when it won't be going outside.

    Hope it all works out well.

  • Hi we had 3 cats before children so no problem as they stayed away when Lexie went after them but in aug we decided to get 2 kittens Lexie was 22 months old then and while it was great i found if she was holding one too tight and we saved that one we turned round and she had hold of the other one so in the end we gave one to my sister as it was easier to keep track of her with one but she did calm down with her and they get on brill and it has made the other cats more confident seeing her with another one she can even pick them up now anyway while you have to check on them often i find Lexie has been brill with the kitten she did pick her up by the neck a couple of times but we showed her how to pick her up properly and all is great now and if the kitten doesnt want to be picked up she runs away Lexie is 25 months now and loves having her own cat helps feed her and loves her poppy sits on her bed when we read the bedtime story its so cute we also have an 8 month old who has just started crawling shes not quick enough to grab the cat yet though lol so i'd say go for it. must haves are a litter tray with a door on it plus if you get a cat flap they will know how to use it.scratching post comfy bed a covered one so they have got a hiding place
    Hope all goes well take care image
  • image

    we went to pick a kitten up today which we were promised and when i texted to say that we were on our way after rushing home form work being very excited all day.. borrowing a carry box and evrything i got a text saying "sorry they have all gone!"

    sooooooooooooooo dissappointed!!! and he only texted me to inform me after i said i was on my way!!! we were already half way there!!! and what if i hadnt and just turned up grrrrrrrrrr so mad and sad!!! image
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