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1st Birthday presents?

Hi girls,

Joshua is going to be 1 on 21st May and im looking at what to buy him for his birthday but its so confusing. There are so many toys, bikes and what not around I dont want to buy things he may grow out of too quickly. So, I was wondering if you bought your los andything that they really loved and got loads of use out of, or if they got certain toys that they just didnt enjoy. He's cruising the furniture and is always pulling himself up and he can crawl so if you have any toy suggestions for an active baby pls let me know!

Thanks in advance Vicky and Joshua xxx


  • Both my boys absolutely loved (youngest still does!) the little coupe car (make??) which is red and yellow. Not sure on the age of it but it does last a long while. Argos prob have it! So they do....
  • We bought Millie a little trampoline from the early learning centre. She wasn't that impressed to start with but a few months down the line she absolutely loves it!
  • yes - my boy loves that red coupe - is it little tikes? they have one at playgroup and all the boys argue over it! i don't have one at home but what i do have is a ride-on car - kids get so much use out of these - you can get one with lghts,music or whatever. mine is a basic rideon. it has a handle so they can use it as a walker and my son loves it. he is nearly 3 and still gets a lot of use out of it. his friends like to ride it when they come round too. this was not his birthday present it was just something i wanted to get for him but it is by far the best thing we have ever bought him and i think i was only ??20.00!
  • we got jack a puzzle mat that is huge, it's made of foam and very good for plaaying on, has the alphabet on it too. also how about a walker/push along toy? something to help get him walking? we bought a ride on toy too that initially he loved but is not interested in riding it, just pushing it about the room at the mo! he also loves his rocking horse. but really he loves anything that isn't a toy - mobiles, remotes, keys, cutlery, pens - generally anything fairly pointy or dangerous and he'll go for it!! little bugger, keep threatening to sell all his toys!
  • Hi girls,

    Thankyou for your replies. Ive just ordered some foam squares from ELC cos we only have decking outside so they will be really handy. Im just looking at push along toys now and I love the red car so may get one of them could soend so much! xxx
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