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Advice on getting lo to take liquid antibiotics

Hi ladies,

My lo is 16 months old and has an ear infection. She has been prescribed 5ml of liquid amoxicilin 3 times per day. I tried to get her to take it today on a spoon and also with a syringe but she just gagged and spat it all back out. I must admit I don't really blame her as it is bright yellow and smells of really strong bananas.

Has anyone got any tips on how to get her to take it?



  • Hiya! We had this exact problem when my 22mth old ds2 had scarlet fever!!! We could not get him to take it and we resorted to pinning him down and hubby trying to force it (which was not pleasant!). The whole thing was a nightmare tbh!

    We had strawberry flavour and we finally got him to take it hidden in half a fruit shoot drink. For those 10 days he had 2 fruit shoots a day - but we were desperate! Thought it was the lesser of 2 evils iykwim.

    So - try it hidden in a fruit shoot/sweet drink/yoghurt (but obv make sure she has it all).

    So then, guess what? A couple of weeks later the damn scarlet fever recurs (apparently this is q common) so he has to have the antibiotics again! Oh no I thought - and bought a load more fruit shoots lol!

    Well, this time the medicine was orange flavour - and nothing would get him to take this - the fruit shoot was refused! So, rang NHS Direct and her advice was to get onto the pharmacy and get the strawberry flavour again! So we ended up ringing round all these pharmacies to find the strawberry flavour again!! Eventually we got some and hubby drove over to the next town to get it lol!

    The things we do for our little ones! Best of luck - but you know what, we had the banana flavour since all this happened and it is really horrible - it stinks! Maybe see if you can hide it in something, but don't be scared to try another chemist for a diff flavour?

    Good luck

    Mims xxx

  • i have real trouble getting toby to take medican even calpol so i mix it it to some milk shake which he really likes
  • Can't use spoons, dd has none of it! Only syringe she'll take are the ones that come with baby nurofen, assume because they're flat ended (don't have the tiny little tube bit on the end) iykwim? she fights like a monster UNLESS I sit her on my lap facing out, left arm cuddly round her tummy (also slightly to restrain!) tip her back a little and bring right arm/hand (hold syringe obv) around her front and up to her mouth. Don't know why this works, but it does! Am giving her piriton at the mo for a rash she came out in and am experimenting with giving it to her dolly first, seems to make her giggle if nothing else!
  • my 2 year old give me a hard time swallowing ranitidine syrup and gags on it everytime i wanna give it to him .it is very minty and friend told me about this product Flavor+ medicine flavoring drops for baby.i found it on ebay and amazon.i tried the grape flavor and my baby stop gagging and is taking his medicine finally without too much made my life so much less stressful!

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