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whos here

Iv noticed alot of newbies to the toddler forum which is great! thought we could have a lil getting to know you page. So...

Im Elaine, Im 21, origonally from London but Iv lived in Nottinghamshire for a year now. I have 3 boys. James (J) who is 3 yrs 2 months, Isaac-Elijah who is 2 tomorrow! and Tyler who is 6 months. looking forward to a more lively toddler forum! image

xx xx


  • Hello! I was gonna post hi but you've saved me the trouble image
    Cole just turned 1 and is toddling about now so I guess he's still my baby but a toddler! Scary!

    I'm kia, I'm almost 33, I'm internet paranoid hence no real names & I live in the north west with hubby, cole and the cat!

    Looking forward to summer when we've finished making the yard into a nice garden for cole to play in with all his new outdoor toys image
  • hi im becki and im 25.

    my oh is neil he is 23 . my daughter anne is 2 years 8 months and ryan 17 weeks. so i come in here and baby forum.

    im from doncaster and have lived here all my life.

    think people should use the toddler forum more active as it is to quiet.

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  • hi im katy,i hardly ever post because im not very good at writing what im thinking,but i come here and read for tips and advice alot.

    im 27,married and live in east yorkshire with my husband and 16 month old son sam. i am mega broody for another but hubby says no.x
  • I'm Donna - mummy to Poppy who is almost 16 months. I'm 35 :-0 and feel old at the moment! My oh is Andrew and we live near Warrington, Cheshire.x
  • I'm nearly 25 and single mum to two boys, Ollie will be 5 next month and Jake is 2 and a half. I live in Greater London though not sure they call it that anymore?!

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  • hi im kayleigh-mummy to my 19 month old lil boy called brandon, im 22 from sturminster newton dorset..i also have a gr8 hubby called nicholas xx
    i am also mega broody but hubby aint so sure!!lol
  • I'm Andrea 36, mummy to 15 month old Lily. I've been posting on this forum a bit but still keep flitting back to baby as it does seem more active there.
  • I'm Hayley, I'm 36 image Married to Phil and mummy to Jacob 12 Megan 9 Alice 4 and Isaac 20 months. :\)
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm Melanie 35 image mum to Eve 18 months and James 7.

    We live in Suffolk having moved here from Hertfordshire almost 5 years ago.

    Hope the toddler forum gets busy. :\)
  • hiya, im abit of a lurker in all forums really image

    im shelly, 21, from west yorkshire,

    iv have 2 beautiful girls, Chloe 16mnths and Emily 4mnths and are currently thinking bout baby number 3 image

    me and my oh Ian got married on the 21st december 08 :lol:

  • Hello. I'm Kerry. I'm 23 and live in South Wales. Have only lived here for 3 months, originally from Sussex. I live here with H2B and our 14 month old daughter. I am currently 24 weeks pg.

    It took me a while to come on to here as it felt like the end of an era really. I still go on to baby tho. Also Freya isn't walking or standing unaided yet so she till feels like my baby and not toddler. LoL.

    X X X
  • We need to get all the Dec mums over here katie..that should liven things up a bit...or get us banned image
  • Hi there

    Im Hannah, i live in Kent I've got a little girl 17 months called Shayla and not in a rush to have any more at the moment lol!!
    Have been on babyexpert for a while now so i remember a few of u so just wanted to say a big hello 2 u all
    Be nice to catch up with everybody and see how u all are
    Hannah xx
  • I'm beebee, 33, mum to Sonny 20 months. From Bromley Kent, thinking of no 2 but going back & forwards about it .

    Welcome to all new mums of recent toddlers. has been a bit quiet rattling around here mostly alone except for a few others.
  • Hi im Sarah,live in the North West,near to Blackburn,Im 30(almost 31 yikes lol)single mummy to Benjamin who is almost every bit of being a mummy,even more so now hes a toddler much more fun,though exhausting!!!
    Hi to everyone!!!
  • Hi im Sarah,live in the North West,near to Blackburn,Im 30(almost 31 yikes lol)single mummy to Benjamin who is almost every bit of being a mummy,even more so now hes a toddler much more fun,though exhausting!!!
    Hi to everyone!!!
  • Hi
    I'm Juliette, 31, live in Wiltshire (not far from mummy2brandydandy i think). Mum to Matthew, 20.5 months. He eats and sleeps well but isn't really talking much yet.
    OH John is a firefighter and we also have a dog, Pip.
    Hello to everyone x
  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm Lottie, I'm 29 and married, we live in Devon and our daughter Neve turned 1 yesterday. We are ttc number two at the moment. Have been posting a lot on baby as its very quiet on here. Would be nice to see more on here.

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  • Hi i'm charli - 28 married and lo is 13 months today. Starting to think of ttc no 2 but daunted by it all - money, juggling 2, going back to work or not etc etc.

    hope to see more on here! image
  • I'm Becci, I'm 24 and live in Manchester with oh. Rhys has just turned 1. First time on here as don't want to admit that my little baby is turning into a little toddler lol x
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