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too young for reward chart?

my 21month old refuses to let us brush her teeth. She will quite happily take the toothbrush and suck off the toothpaste but won't brush.
I have tried brushing my teeth at the same, both of us with brushes, books, etc but no joy. Is she too young for a reward chart to work? I've run out of ideas and she is getting plaque on her front teeth from never brushing!


  • Hi,
    A reward chart is always worth a try especially if you get some really good stickers that she could choose herself.
    One thing I did with my middle daughter as she was in a word a MONSTER when it came to brushing was to get a dolly for her to brush (with toothpaste, the more mess the more she let me brush hers!!)
    while I brushed hers, I used to say "right if I brush your top ones can you do dolly's top ones" etc etc and so it went on untill she had her two minutes of brushing.
    It worked well most of the time and on occations a different tactic was needed so................ dd loved doing my teeth while I did hers, yes it was very messy but she tried to copy everything she could feel me doing in her mouth in mine!!! In the end she now spends so much time brushing that I have to nag her to get ready for school lol!!!
    Goodluck xx

    Oh one other thing is to make a huge deal about the Tooth Fairy and get a mirror and show dd the 5 times up 5 times down 5 times around action .......just for the Tooth Fairy's benefit or course!!!
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