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explaining BF to a toddler

hi everybody, well I'm almost 34weeks pregnant, and Evie is 2 1/2.

I plan to breastfeed my son when he's born. Evie's never been exposed to BF before simply because we don't have any friends/family with LO's or who have bf.

It's possibly really stupid that I'm concerned about this, so sorry if I sound rediculous. I'm going to at some point have to mention that new baby will feed from me, just so she's not shocked when theres a newborn suckling on me! and am dreading this. I know I will feel awkward even despite how young she is.

Obviously kids at this age are very accepting of everything so I know she will just take it in, but I also worry she'll be over curious/fascinated by this. I can totaly imagine her telling people on the bus "my little brother is going to have milk from mammys boobies" I mean, how mortified would I be! lol. As well as this I'm a bit nervous about once DS is here and actually feeding, I imagine Evie will be forever prodding and poking at me and being generally overly curious about my boobs.

Does anybody have any tips or stories to share to make me feel less weird about it all?



  • Afraid I'm in the same situation and just as concerned as you so your not being stupid to ask teh question or its just that we both are. image

    My ds will be 21 months when ds2 arrives and I am worried he won't understand and think that I am spending a lot of time cuddling baby brother and ignoring him. My thought was to try and get him to sit and cuddle next to me and read his books to him so he feels involved but not sure what else.

    I did post asking for ideas and one good one was that there are books explaining about bf for children so I'm having a look around to find a suitable one and will start reading this to him in the hopes that he understands.

    No matter what we do our lo's are going to get jealous but I'm hoping it will soon pass and they will see the joy of having a little brother to play with.

    Good luck and let me know if you get any useful advice.

  • Tbh I can't really remember explaining bf to my older ones before the new babies came along - but I may have done, if I did it obviously wasn't a hugely traumatic thing or I would remember it - if that makes sense?

    When I came home from hosp with ds2, I have vague memories of showing ds1 how I fed the baby, and him not being remotely interested lol! I think I explained it along the lines of - the new baby has milk from mummy, babies can't eat food like we do, babies can only have milk. I think I also explained that he used to have milk from mummy like this when he was a baby (so he didn't feel left out lol!)

    Neither of my boys were bothered at all by bf'ing - so you may be ok. If Evie is very curious about it - just answer her qustions as simply as you can, and then try to distract with a book or something.

    I do remember hearing a story from another mum that their daughter announced to a shop full of people that 'Mummy's going to fed the baby from her nipples' LOL - that would be time for a swift exit I think!

    You're right -little children are very accepting of things, I'm sure she'll adjust to it fine.
  • soory no help really ,not in your situation butt thought i would give you a laugh as last night hayden had great delight and big laughs every time he poked my boobs and said boing boing and then his dad joined in going honk honk, i know i should have been affened!! but it was sooo funny and i couldnt help but laugh!
  • Hi all, well dd was under 2 just when dd2 was born and I just let her sit while I fed her sister and she asked mummy food, I said yes mummy feeds baby erin with her boobies and she gets my booby mats (breast pads ) lol. Now she says mummy baby erin crying need boobies lol.

    I recommend giving dd/ds a drink n snack whilst feeding or playing a game, cuddles etc to keep them from being jealous, hope this helps xx
  • ds1 was 23m when ds2 was born. I don't remember saying anything to him. He just seemed to accept that ds2 had mummy's milk! I'm still bf 9m on and if I say ds2 needs feeding ds1 just does his own thing for a few minutes!

    I'm sure you'll be fine!

  • My niece was 2 years when I had my little boy and she would stick he dolly up her jumper and pretend to feed her baby very cute, she just accepted it although she did ask if she could eat her mummy's boobies, needless to say my sister didn't know what to say. If you don't make anything of it I'm sure she'll just accept it.
  • i have a 17 month gap between my girls now 2 and 1 and Lexie asked what Leah was doing i just said shes having mummies milk she used to feed her dolls by putting them up her t-shirt lol i thought she didnt remember it but a few days ago she said mummy Leah suck your boobs lol i said yes when she was a baby she had mummies milk and so did you when you were a baby and that was it.
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