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im not to sure what will help any advice

hi everyone

i have an 18 month almost 19 month old son
hes always a happy baby but in the past couple of months hes been waking up every moring very wet ive tried all brands of nappies and nothing is working. its the middle of winter and he is going too end up very sick.

he also is vomiting after his bottles alot its settled down for now but suddenly it will start up again

does anyone have any advice for me

it will be greatly appreciated thanks


  • hi hun, how much is he drinking? how long is he in a nappy. my l/o is now 3 and he has always drunk alot, especially milk, when he was in nappies i would change him again before bed coz he would wet through. we still have to take him for a wee at 10 now even though he doent wear nappies.
  • what size nappy is he in? If you can, go up a size as thats what I do when lo's nappies get a bit too tight & he wets through in the night or change to dry night style pull up pants as I find them to be much more absorbant.

  • well he drinks a fair bit through the day but about 2hrs before bed he doesnt drink much i always change him just before he gets into bed. hes 18months and in the biggest nappies u can buy.
    ill try the night stlye pull ups and see how he goes in those
    thanks alot
    if anyone would like 2 chat anytime add my msn its [email protected]
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