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Fingers & toes!

Can anyone help?
My ds, at 2yrs 10mth (34 Months) has all of a sudden, the past couple of weeks began to suck/chew on his fingers and toes!!? He does not pop his thumb in and suck it as such, he tends to kind of nuzzle all his fingers at once. Even when hes playing, his fingers and toes will be in and out his mouth.

He did give up his dummy 4 months ago with no fuss or bother..

And he is aware of a baby sisters pending arrival next month..

Do you think these could be factors? Any advice would be great x x x


  • Bump ... anyone? x x x
  • Sorry hunny - I don't have any advice, as Abby still has her dummy, so if she ever does suck her fingers - I just give her a dummy. You might just have to ignore it, and hope he stops of his own accord.

    I definately wouldn't get into a power struggle over it - because he'll win!

    Sorry - that's not much help.
  • Just had a thought.
    Could you try distracting him with a drink or snack when he does it?
    Or maybe a musical instrument (like a whistle - that he'd need to put in his mouth) would work?

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