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Bit worried

When Charlotte was born OH worked in London all week so I was on my own quite a lot. I think this partly contributed towards my pnd (I am not blaming him in any way though as he had to work)!

He did manage to get a job more locally recently and it's been fab. He's even been able to work from home so can see Charlotte loads which is good for all of us.

The contract wasn't renewed though and after a lot of searching by him he's found another job which is for 6 months. Trouble is it means him working away again. He'll be away Mon-Fri so I'll be on my own with Charlotte again.

I'm worried that I'll find it hard to cope again, although things are easier than when she's newborn I do admit. I'm also worried about my OH's relationship with Charlotte. They dote on each other and it's going to be so sad that they wont see each other as much. How will Charlotte react to not seeing Daddy as much? I'm worried how it might affect her. When he gets home from work now she hears the door and crawls into the hallway giggling cos he's home. She wont have that anymore!

I know other mum's have it worse, esp mum's with partners in the Army.

Just don't want my princess to miss her Daddy, but we have to pay the mortgage & the bills!

And of course I'll miss him too!! :\(


  • I really feel for you hun, im sure you will get into a new routine and have extra special weekends.

    I hope he finds another job closer to home soon.
  • I know where you are coming from, as my husband worked excpetionally long hours for 3 months after Daniel was born, and essentially neither me nor Daniel saw him during waking hours then. Sometimes he worked all weekend too. It was really hard. But, as you say, we all need the money and have to be realistic about what that involves, especially in a recession.

    I think it may take you all a while to adjust, but if he can keep looking for a contract closer to home for when this contract finishes, you will have something to look forward to. And I am sure your weekends will be extra special, and that there will be lots you can do as a family in the summer. When my husband works long hours, I try and make sure my days are full, so I take Daniel to organised things like Monkey Music, Sing and Sign and all of these types of things and try and get out for a coffee or something with the other mums. In the summer, I thik it can be easier, because you can go to parks and gardens and things and then them run around and explore outside. Do you have other famly members nearby who can give you support (and some time to yourself)?

    Good luck. I feel for you, and I hope he can get something nearer home for the following 6 months.

  • This is exactly why we chose to have our lo later in life as my OH was in the Navy for the first 10 years of our life together. Having said that he is now a driving instructor and works weekends and bank holidays.....
    Do you work? Is there any way that you could go up and see him mid week maybe once a month or something?
    What about Skype. Could you invest in a couple of webcams and set a time each evening for a Daddy date before bed?
    Life isn't perfect sometimes but you have to know that you're doing this for a secure life for yourLO. Try and make an effort to make sure that this situation is ONLY 6 months and make the best of a shitty situation whilst it's happening. My heart goes out to you.
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