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Ditching the dummy??!!!arrrh

Hey ladies. some advice in this area. My little one is 18 months and still has a dummy at night times....I hate this of course...and let it go on a little longer than I thought I would, but any suggestions on how to ditch it??? Or stories how you ditched you little ones dummy???? I'm thinking straight out cold turkey...possibly when I've got a few days off or maybe THIS long weekend so if she doesn't settle its not a problem....I'm thinking if she's tired enough she won't worry about it and will just cabbage out????? hmmmmmmmmmmm appreciate any thoughts on this one xxxxxxxxx:\?


  • thanks is too far away and I'm not sure she's old enough to understand the fairies......maybe upsy daisycan have it???? ooooh I'll have to try soon, didn't decide to this weekend...chickened rubbish.....maybe tonight cold turkey
  • My daughter is 2yrs 3months and only has dummy at night time. I took it away from her last week. The first night she cried herself to sleep, the 2nd & 3rd night she accepted it and went straight to sleep but then it all went wrong. Her bed time used to be 8.30 but since night 4 without dummy she just wont sleep without it and cries until she has it and I lay with her. By this time its really late and im very tired then she gets up at 3am. I have had to give it back because we were getting no sleep. BUT I will try again tomoro nite.
    I would suggest giving her a teddy bear and/or comforter. My lo has always had dummy & cloth so when I took dummy away she still had her cloth and cuddles teddy bear which she doesnt normally bother with. good luck x x x
  • Joe had his dummy at night time til he was about 2 and a half. We sent all his dummies to the 'dummy fairy' one day and that was it! He still has a blankey that he takes to bed. He asked for dummy a couple of times but was really good about it when we explained that the dummy fairy had taken it to a little baby who needed it more than he did. We've since had a little girl and he isn't at all bothered when she has her dummy.
    Hope you're pleasantly surprised when you do go for it, might be easier than you think!
  • haha my ds1 was 2 1/2 too! i refused to buy any more, so when he lost the last one that was that, he knew they weren't any so accepted it! bless him.
    i didn't intend to give ds2 a dummy but... hey ho! then thought oh, i'll get rid of it by age 1 while he's too little to scream and shout about it... erm, he's 15.5months already!!
    yes, i'm a wimp too, i figure i'll get rid of it during the day first.

    suggestion: give her a teddy to cuddle/ comfort (upsydaisy?) when she cries for dummy?
    cold turkey sounds so mean!image
  • oh no - i hate to admit it - my son is 3 next month and still has a dummy at night! he has a 5 month brother so i worry if i get rid of his dummy he will know there are still dummies about and think why can't he have one?
    also i started taking his dummy away from him once he was asleep and he started either waking up crying for it in early hours or having bad dreams. He's been poorly this weekend and in hospital so i have no intentions of taking it away just yet but when i do it will be thats it gone and we will just have to endure tantrums etc. i know friends who have done cold turkey and they said it is horrible but then is ok after few days. that is why i'm putting it off - need to be in a position to be strong and determined which been slightly sleep deprived at the mo i definatley don't feel like it at mo. I know the longer i put it off the worse it will be!

    hope the link works it's 10 steps to get toddler off dummy image
  • thanks guys......she's been having lots of fresh air and running around during the nice weather this week so she's been pretty warn out and falling asleep without but really don't think I can do cold turkey now...they don't really understand do they? bless so I've been putting her to bed with some little books as she's not really a teddy girl ans she sits and turns the pages before wiping out but does wake up a couple of times in the night and I have given I'm hoping for a fresh start this week. off to read these 10 steps now.
  • hiya, she's doing really well if she's falling asleep without dummy! what do you plan on doing in the middle of the night? (it's hard isn't it!)

    i decided to stop giving dummy during the day apart from nap times, he hasn't even needed it! a few times i've had to distract him or give him a big cuddle but that's it!

    i'm not ready for night time yet thoughimage
    good luck hun xx.
  • thanks...still thinking...hehehe.
  • my little girl is 18m with dummy, but im not too worried try to only give it to her at night, but think im going to leave it untill she is around 2 1/2 y so she understands more. loving some of these stories , like the faries and posting it, may try something like that.
  • With my first son we just went cold turkey, we had to, his dad worked nights and he went to work with our last dummy in the car! Another way of doing it is stick a pin in the end so it collapses when they suck and that way when they realise it's not doing what it used to they'll refuse it rather than you having to take it away from them. You could always cut the end of a bit each time but not sure if that's a very safe way. Ethan Joe is 13 months now and I reckon his dummy sucking days are numbered!!
  • oooh i like the pin idea......still giving in at the mo...........
  • I let my daughter have the dummy until her 2nd birthday cause I felt I could reason with her a bit by the time she was two. Then all week building up to her birthday I spoke to her about the fact that she was a big girl now and she had to give up her dummy. On her birthday night I told her a story about a little baby doll who was crying for a dummy but all the older girls had taken them away. I then asked her if she wanted to give hers to the doll and she said yes. So we gave the dummy to the doll and left the doll and the dummy in her bedroom. I then slepf with my daughter in my bed and when she asked for the dummy and cried for it, I just held her really tight and kept telling her how proud of her I was. I did this all night everytime she woke up, and she has never asked for it again.
  • thats quite an idea. I've been thinking that Eleanor doesn't entirely understand and wondering if I should leave it a few months....but then think thats just me being lazy.
  • Whenever you do it, it will require your dedication for that time. Also, it depends on Eleanor's personality - if she's a sensitive girl then it's probably best you wait until she can understand... Either way, Good luck! I'm sure you'll find your balance!
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