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can someone help cleaning the quinny buzz seat!!

hi everyone ...i need some help there a way to clean the seat on a quinny buzz 3 toddler seat? i have borrowed it off my step mum a few months ago cos i wanted a parent facing pram for a bit and she wasnt using it anymore and of course now it has a few greasy handprints etc on it and she wants it back but i dont know how to clean it!! i cant seem to work out if it comes off or not and she will complain to my dad if its not immaculate!!! ideas please image


  • I usually wash our pushchair seats over with fairy liquid in warm water and they come up fine!

    Em x
  • ah thanks mrs A image and emma c maybe ill try the fairy liquid first and if this doesnt work ill go for the other option image xxxx
  • if you take the cover off be prepared that it will possibly take all morning to figure out how to do it, and then the whole evening to reassemble..... with alot of cursing, huffing, puffing and pulling image
  • take the seat off and put it in your washing machine, it comes out brand new!  make sure the washing machine is one of the new one w/out the spinner in the middle.  Otherwise, take to some laundry place.....I washed mine and it comes out brand new! I love it!

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