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my lo is very forward and am finding it hard to cope as in other post she was out of her cot at 10 mths as she could climb out of it and was also walking at this stage. now she is only 18mths and today she opened her bedroom door and climbed over the stairgate then went downstairs hence the reason why im up at such an ungodly hour how am i going to keep her in her room im worry that she is going to do this and fall down the stairs whilst im sleeping


  • have u tried using a baby monitor in her room so u can hear her when she is on an adventure? maybe it wld wake u before she escapes and u can pop her back in bed, sorry its all i can think of at the mo. xx
  • you can get alarms really cheapy so when she opens her bedroom door it'll go off so at least you'll know. also what about getting an extra tall safety gate? they tend to be more for dogs tbh but if it works then why not? lol :\)

  • thanks think i will try both at this rate her room will look like fort knots lol
  • Yeah, I put a room guard in lo's doorway with a very loud bouncing tigger, that would wake anyone up!!
  • right ladies sorry to be the bearer of bad news but nothing is working i have been running up and down the stairs all night since 6pm think i might need a straight jacket to keep her still
  • Hi my mum gave me a tip as my daughter does this too, it was to buy a dog safety gate. Not sure where you get them from i will have a look for you but they are actually a lot taller than the childrens ones but work the same.

    I will get back to you on it but just an idea
  • They actually do tall versions on but if you google safety gates more come up that may be cheaper.

    Hope this helps xx
  • thanks but i have tried this we are currently thinking about getting a stable door for her bedroom and yes im still running up and down and start work at 6 so this could be a long wait lol
  • ladies plz help me im all out of ideas we got a stable door and now all we have got is her screaming the house down i think she is trying to drive me over the edge i would let her sleep in our bed if i meant it would mean i would get some sleep however she wont sleep in our bed she hates sharing our bed plz help mum in need of some sleep image
  • Hi Lauryn, I do completely sympathise as our eldest has been the same she is now 2 and a half and the only thing we have found that works is to have her bed in our room with us, I know to a lot of people will think that this is really bad but it was last resort. We also have a 1 year old and when it was at its worst our eldest was disturning the baby.

    We also did this as our youngest would not settle in our room but would settle in a room by herself so we did the swap eldest with us and baby on her own.

    We are now in the prosess of getting them in the room together, it has been a slow progress but gradually getting there. We only live in a flat so we are lucky we have no stairs to worry about and all other doors are shut of a night and she cannot open them.

    Like you we tried the gate and she just screamed the only thing that did work was having her with us. I know its not ideal but we get some sleep, unfortunately other things are hard to come by having her in the room.

    Good luck xx
  • thanks madnbella i will try that when she comes home but at the moment my mum has taken her till monday so i can get some sleep im hoping it works
  • i went up to check on lo this afternonn during her nap (sixth sense??) and found her stood up holding on to her changing table grinning her head off!!! she is only 10 months, i think she is gonna be a climber. oh will have to put her cot base down this weekend!
  • i know excatly how you feel susie this was the age that my lo started climbing out of her cot so i only hope she doesnt become as bad as mine is and madnbella thanks for all the advice but the bed in the room didnt work either she just kept getting us up all night to play
  • tbh i think you need to be more strict with her, i'd do controlled crying, if she leaves the room/ gets out of bed just put her back and tell her its time to sleep and do that over and over (!!) til she goes to sleep she'll get used to it if you hold your ground. i'd probably get the alarm for the door too for peace of mind during the night x.
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