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Well last night was the first night daniel slept in his big boy bed,it took him 90mins for him to stop getting out of bed and going to sleep.i had a look at him when he was asleep and i could have cried my eyes out :lol: he looked so grown up,anyway the question i have is when its his nap time do i do the same as last night cos i know hes not gonna go right to sleep,last night i just let him do what he wanted becouse it was all new for him (was this a bad thing? or should i have done the rapid return) so do i just leave him or d the rapid return?



  • If leaving him worked last night and he got into bed by himself to fall asleep I'd try leaving him again. If he gets upset try rapid return but it sounds like he was quite happy to put himself to bed. Well done little man image
  • thank you,i will try it then and see how he goes...
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