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Introducing the "naughty Step"??

My little boy is 16months old and starting to have some hellish tamtrums which I deal with by ignoring. But he's also started to do some naughty things recently.

This morning while I was trying to get ready for work I caught him scribbling on the kitchen wall with a red pencil!! A big no no in my book, but if I say no and tap his hand he just laughs at me. Another thing he likes to do at the mo is try and take the wine bottles out of the wine rack and i'm scared he'll drop one and break his toes!! You say no and he just laughs, so I try taking him away from the situation and he goes straight back there! We must do this over a dozen times before he gets the message.

Do you think its too eary to introduce a naughty step yet?
How do you deal with naughty moments?

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