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totally freaked out!!!!!

Ooooh I'm not surprised that freaked you out Becs.
Did you turn around, half expecting to see your Grandad?

My Dad bought an old Route Master bus for Daniel when he was a baby and since my dad died I hav'nt let the children play with it( dont know why, just felt like it needed protecting)
Anyway I keep it in the drawer in Katelins wardrobe and as far as I knew, no one knew it was there.
Last week it was sitting on my coffee table when I got back from the school run.
All day I was thinking that it was a sign from my dad but was wracking my brains as to what.
When the boys got back from school, Aaron said " where's the bus I got out of Katelin's room? "

Not sure if I was relieved or dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • OOOh Becs, I bet your heart skipped a beat.

    Charlotte has freaked me out a few times, not so much now but she used to wave and say hello to nobody ......started to wonder if she could see people I couldn't.
  • isaac ofter looks up to the corner of our bedroom ceiling and laughs, i swear there is something up there he can see and we cant!
  • oooh i just got shivers, i agree kids can see things we can't. Not looking forward to jd doing that tho, i'm a proper wimp x
  • Me too Sarah. Just reading this has freaked me out so if mine start doing it I'll be an absolute wreck!

  • I do believe kids see things as they are more openminded and not sceptics(you no what i mean)
  • I have read that children are much more likely to see something than an adult. It is a bit spooky. i saw my grandmother a few times after she passed away. i think its a comfort. I think my previous home was haunted there was always a strange feeling when you went up the stairs, Or something would catch your eye in the doorway. oOoh im feeling a bit spooked now and terry's out at work too!!!
  • OOOh another most haunted fan!!!! I love it but i tape it and watch in the day at the weekend as i'd be too scared to go to sleep lol
  • Same here i love most ahunted.
    I forgot to tell you this.
    Hows this for ya,my grandad died in jan 03,and in jan o4 on his 1st anniversary my mum said he came to her that night telling her i had some news and that i would need much help.
    My mum came over that wk end and asked if i was pregnant,i said no as i wasn't but if i ever were she would be first to no.Then blow me in late march i found out i was pregnant and my conception time was around the time he died.I never really thought about it at the time but he knew.
    We didn't tell people till i was 12wks which was about easter time.
    How spooky is that.
  • Ooh Emma that os spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My niece as a toddler played with her 'brother'. Her mum had a miscarriage prior to having her. Her mum dismissed it thinking it was an imaginary friend, when she was asked what was his name, she answered that he didnt have one. The miscarriage was real early so there was no name for the baby, she didnt know she was pregnant till it happened.
    A clairvoyant confirmed that the 'brother' was her brother.

    I also belive that my sister was with me in spirit all through my life till 19 years old. I was apparently old enough to look after my self, so she left me. I miss her actually. But I know she's not far away. I have two pictures of her in the house and they are both in the kids rooms. I want them to know of her, if she isnt already with them that is.
  • Thats nice sally,i havent got a picture of my grandad,my sister asked for a copy and never gave it back but my mum has one i can get a copy of.
  • I love these stories of ghosts, hauntings and weird things happening. I watch the repeats of Most Haunted at 11pm on Living is it(?) when I am waiting for Catalina to go to sleep after her evening feed session. I do find myself jumping at the slightest noise afterwards!

    I haven't noticed Bon looking at anything that isn't there or anything like that but one of my cats does. We have a ghost cat in the house but he is very friendly and makes the odd appearance, but only to me and one of our cats it seems, hubby has never seen him. I'll just be aware that I am being followed and that a cat is about to run past me on the stairs, and then nothing appears in front of me, or I will hear a cat mew in greeting when I know mine are outside because I can see them.

    One of my cats when I lived at my parents ran out of the house and appeared to hit something that wasn't there. He backed up and tried to go around 'it' all flattened on that side, but gave and up and ran like blazes in the opposite direction. No idea what he thought it was.
  • Nicolette that is weird.
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